Instantly predict visual attention

State-of-the-art perception models

Abraia implements state-of-the-art perception models to provide instant feedback about how your compositions and designs drive the attention of the user at a first glance.

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Understand how your design will impact on the attention of its recipients

Identify the elements and features that catch attention

saliency heatmap reebok

What are the most attractive elements?

A first view of a design identifies which portions of your design are catching the most attention. The heatmap is an objective indicator of which are those elements that attract more visual attention in the scene.

What is the perceived information?

Scene compositions affect their visual perception weaken some information. The opacity map hides the unnoticed areas which will be ignored (not perceived) because they do not attract attention.

opacity map elpais
rois zara

How can I compare different designs?

Use areas of interest to report quantitative data measuring their saliency to compare different places on a scene, or the same element in some variations of a design. So you can use it to compare results between different regions of your design and layout.

How clean and ordered is my design?

A "simpler" and "uncluttered" design is easy to understand and reduces the cognitive load. The visual clutter score provides an objective measure of the visual complexity of your composition. Hold this value as low as you can to improve visual cognition.

visual clutter garage
report zara

How can I present my work to customers?

Designers in general tend to look at a design differently that their audience. Predicted heatmaps are aimed at helping you to analyze your designs from a perfectly objective viewpoint. This makes them incredible useful for building client reports that justify your design decisions.