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The simpliest and fastest way to resize and compress your images and photos for web

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How to bulk resize images and photos online

Simply drag and drop your ecommerce and marketing images and photos online.
Get perfectly optimized versions (JPEG, PNG, WebP) ready to use on web and social media, with no effort.

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Configure an image size

Select the format and size -width- to automatically resize and compress your images or photos, and get a version ready to be used on any web and mobile design.


Create a visual template

Edit an image with the visual editor and create a template to automate the batch editing of several images, or take advantage from smart cropping technlogy.


Upload your images and photos

Upload your images and photos to get all your variants in one simple step. Connect your workflow creating a local watch folder and forget the batch resize.

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Crop and resize images online

Select a preset to crop and resize your images and photos with the perfect size. Configure your variants to get multiple versions from a unique master image (i.e. pristine). Automate your batch image processing without programing a simple line of code.

Automatically optimize your images for web with no more technical headaches or specific codecs knowledge.

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batch resize folder

Bulk resize photos with a local watch folder

Configure a local folder to watch for changes and automatically get all your photo variants optimized, every time you add or change an image file to such local foler.

Create several variants from a simple master image to optimize your ecommerce user experience and bandwidth.

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Bulk resize images from the command line

No more complex ImageMagick parametrizations. Simple convert and resize your master images from the command line and get perfectly optimized images for web and mobile apps.

Use Abraia CLI to simply get the job done processing your local images from Windows, MacOS, or Linux.

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batch resize command

How to resize and compress your product images

Resize and brand product images for different marketplaces is a tedious task that can be easily automated with Abraia. You just need to graphically edit an image to create an action template and easily create several optimized variants for every master product image.

Branded Tmall variants

For instance, we are going to create an square and a vertical variants for every of our product images.

1. Configure the image dimensions required in the bulk tool

Resized Tmall variants configuration

Just use the Tmall preset to produce two variants of 800px width: one square image and other vertical (2:3) which will be padded if your image does not respect this aspect ratio (you can easily change this with the resize mode, and enable smart cropping).

2. Brand and edit an image to create an action template

create action
upload image
add branding
save action

From the variant configuration we can create or edit an action to brand images. Press the editing button and upload one of your images. Then edit the image adding your logo with a high quality format with alpha channel, like SVG or PNG, and place it at your convenience. And once ready, save the action and go back to the bulk tool.

3. Transform all your images and photos in bulk

Bulk processing

Configured all the variants, you are ready to process all your product images in bulk. Just drop them to the upload area and get your variants ready to download for the web.

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