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Download YouTube videos

Convert and download YouTube videos (up to 30 minutes long) directly from your browser. Export and download the MP4 video from your desktop or mobile phone without installing any software.

Repurpose your YouTube videos to get multiple pieces of content from a single long-form video. Cut and resize videos to make a short version ready to share on your social media channels.

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Edit YouTube videos online

Edit your videos to create short versions to share on the social media in a few clicks. Make the process or repurposing YouTube videos much more efficient using a single tool, Abraia.

Simply copy the URL from YouTube, paste it into Abraia to load and edit your video. Easily cut and resize to post on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc. Remove audio, add text and music, or add subtitles to your YouTube videos online from any device.

How to convert YouTube videos to MP4 online

Content repurposing is a method to modify a piece of content into another format, and it is a crucial element on content marketing. It gives more reach to your original content and a glimpse to your audience on another platform, avoiding to create original content from scratch every time.

Because repurposing content does not have to be a challenge. Now, you can easily repurpose your YouTube videos as: 10 minutes IGTVs, 1 minute feed videos, 30 seconds reels, or 15 seconds stories. Simply download and edit YouTube videos directly from your browser with Abraia.

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Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want

Go to the YouTube video you want to convert to MP4 and click on the "share" button to copy the URL, or take it directly from the address bar at yout web browser. Next, go to the Abraia editor to paste the URL.


Paste the YouTube link in the Abraia editor

Open the Abraia editor and click "add media" to paste the YouTube URL. Once you have pasted the link, click "upload" to load the YouTube video (up to 30 minutes long) in the editor. Then, you will see the YouTube video on the editor. Start editing it or simply click "export" to convert the video to MP4.


Edit and download the Youtube video

After your video has been loaded just pick a social media size (e.g. Instagram or Story sizes) to automatically resize the video. Then, cut the video to ensure that it does not cross the duration limit of the content format you want to post (e.g. 1 minute for feed video or 15 seconds for stories). Finally, export the video and click "download" once it has been converted to MP4.

Comfortable edit your YouTube video on the desktop and directly share it to Instagram or any other social media from your smartphone later. Just go to the Abraia gallery and double click on the export folder to find your repurposed video. Select the video and directly download and share it on your social media.

Convert YouTube