How to add a logo on a video online

Resize and brand videos is a common task that can be easily automated with Abraia. It works on both windows and mac, and even on your iphone and android devices. You just need to watermark one of your videos, putting the logo on it with the online video editor, and use the generated template to automatically brand all your videos.

Branded video online

For instance, we are going to put a logo on a square cropped version of our videos. You just need to:

  1. Upload one of your videos
  2. Define the video size (aspect ratio)
  3. Load and place your logo
  4. Create your video template
  5. Generate all your video variants

Login to the service and follow the steps bellow:

1. Upload and resize/crop your video

Go to the editor and upload one of your videos. Choose the size of your video using one of the presets. With the Instagram preset you'll get a high resolution square HD version (1080x1080) of your video. The video will be automatically padded to get a square version preserving the content.

resize video without cropping
resize video with cropping

You can easily change the background color (white by default) or the resize mode (choose crop mode to crop the video) to customize the result.

NOTE: Remember to upload a Full HD video version to get the best result. If your uploaded video has a lower resolution the result will be automatically limited to the maximum achievable resolution, preserving the video quality.

2. Add the logo on your video

To add the logo you just need to upload a high quality version with alpha channel, like SVG or PNG. Place it at your convenience and adjust the opacity to create a more pleasant result. You can also add some text, message or call to action.

logo on video without cropping
logo on video with cropping

Once ready, save the action and download the resulting video. Then go to the Bulk tool to process other videos using the created template (action).

3. Processs your videos with the template

Once you have created your template, select the template in the bulk tool and process all your videos just dropping them on the upload area. Choosing several templates previously created you will get those variants for every dropped video.

You can also configure a watch folder on your computer to automatically add the logo on your videos. You just need to configure the glup-abraia plugin to process a video when it is added to a local folder.