Add text to video online no watermark

We'll see how to add text and to a short video (up to 5 minutes) with a simple online tool, without giving up quality. We'll get a full HD video edited without any annying watermark added, using a solution that works in every context -mobile or desktop- and it's free.

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Recording and producing a video for commercial purposes is usually costly and time consuming. We need to plan the content in advance, and in many cases -like fashion ecommerce- the process will involve and expert photographer, and even a professional model. Just think of fashion ecommerce. Add to this the equipment and software. It definitely takes time and money.

In a small business it is certainly possible to produce some media content that just works, using consumer equipment and tools. But it'll still take time. So, reusing and recycling is also very recommendable.

header add text to video online no watermark

I've come to the idea of reusing some videos I prepared for articles recently contributed to I'd like to share them in different social networks, like LinkedIn and Twitter, but I don't want to waste time remaking the clips. So, they need some tweaks to be more selfcontained. And of course, I'd like to add our logo.

The videos are already edited to show two simple ways of creating image variants for different marketplaces. One using our online bulk processsor, the other using our hot folder watcher based on Gulp. Thus, the idea is to just resize the videos and to add some text -like a title- and our brand logo and throw them away. Something like this would work fine.

Video resized and branded to share on LinkedIn
Video cropped and branded to share on Twitter

Fortunately, for most scenarios of video repurposing we don't need advanced skills or access to expensive software packages. No signup, no watermark, and still a handful of video transformations -like resizing, padding, cropping or even adding text- are possible with high quality. I'll show next how I did it in the least possible number of clicks, using Abraia's online video editor.

Let's see how to get the transformations above using Abraia's Social Media Resizer in four simple steps:

1. Upload the video to the resizer tool

We upload our video to the resizer tool, which is shown with an square aspect ratio by default -ready to post on Instagram-.

upload video resizer tool

2. Crop the video for your social media

We change the size preset to LinkedIn in our case, and we choose crop or pad. In these cases, We'd rather choose croping since the change in aspect ratio is small and there is nothing important in the top and bottom borders of the video.

crop video preset

3. Add some text and logo to the video

We add now the text to describe our video content or to communicate our visual message and we add the logo ro reinforce our branding presence.

add text to video
add logo to video

4. Create the video and download

We can now get our full HD video edited and share it in LinkedIn. We just need to click Download and wait a short time while the video is created.

download video with text

To share it also in Twitter, we just have to change the resize preset accordingly and maybe tweak the position of overlayed elements -texts, logo-. In the end, an online tool like Abraia's social resizer brings possibly the easiest and quickest way to repurpose videos, either on the phone or a PC. Unlike most alternatives out there, it's still free with fullHD resolution and no watermark in your content.

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