Command line interface abraia cli release

The Abraia Command Line Interface (CLI) is a batch image optimization tool that makes simple to manage Abraia services. It easily compress all your JPEG, PNG, and WebP images contained in a selected folder, or resizes thousands of images with just one command.

Batch optimization


This tool is multiplatform (Windows, Mac, Linux) and easy to install. It just requires Python 2.6.5 or higher. So, if you are on Windows, install Python.

Open a terminal (command line) and write the commands bellow to install or upgrade Abraia CLI:

$ pip install -U abraia
$ abraia --version

The first time you run Abraia CLI you need to configure your free API key:

$ abraia configure
Abraia Key []: your_abraia_key


Abraia CLI works in a similar way to AWS CLI, the command abraia is followed by the subcommand that specifies the service to be used. By default it always creates a file or folder copy with the image results.

The optimize subcommand is used to automatically compress and resize batches of images. It is enough to indicate the path of the folder to get the job done.

$ abraia optimize [path]

You can easily resize your images with just to specify the target width or height. For example, to get a set of images with a fixed width of 300px preserving the aspect ratio of each image:

$ abraia optimize --width 300 [path] [dest]

To use our smart cropping technology and get the compressed results for all the images contained in a folder structure, it is so simple as:

$ abraia optimize --width 300 --height 300 [path] [dest]

And a set of square thumbnails will be generated automatically preserving the content and aesthetics of each image without any external intervention or configuration.

You can also use the filter option to modify several images with just one command:

$ abraia optimize --filter cbalance [path] [dest]

And you will get the color balance version of each image in the path.