How to create consistent images for all your social media

People and businesses use different social media every day (e.g. Instagrams, Facebook, Twitter...). But every plaform uses different image sizes and layouts, which forces to create different images for each one.

Templates have evolve to simplify the social media image creation, but it is still a pain to create images for different channels. Moreover, if we know the importance to be consistent in all your channels to build brand recognition. Using a uniform tone both in visual and voice through all your post and communications with your audience.

create consistent images social media

With the increasing focus on visuals in social media, mantaining a visual consistency across all your social media channels is more important than ever.

  1. Use a consistent color palette to give your business an identity.
  2. Use the same two or three fonts at most.
  3. Use the same logo or brand watermarking.
  4. Use image filters to impart a similar look and feel to all your photos.
  5. Use text overlays to claim your images.
consistent brand kitchen instagram landscape
consistent brand classroom instagram landscape
consistent brand room instagram landscape
consistent brand kitchen instagram portrait
consistent brand classroom instagram portrait
consistent brand room instagram portrait

This basic rules will help you guiving your images your personal stamp, maintaining your brand consistency and recognition. But, creating an image to post on several social media channels is still hard, even using templates with a service like Canva.

With Abraia, now this task can be easily done. For instance, we want to create an images to post on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We just need to use or create a template, and configure our design to automatically generate our images by bulk.

consistent brand plant1 instagram landscape
consistent brand plant2 instagram landscape
consistent brand plant3 instagram landscape
consistent brand plant1 instagram square
consistent brand plant2 instagram square
consistent brand plant3 instagram square

1. Create the design from a template

The easiest way to start is from a previous design. Download this instagram post template and upload it to your account. Then go to the editor tab and change the text message and the square color to customize the template.

customize template

2. Configure the social media channels

Customized the template we need to create the configuration for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We just need to select the social channel from the presets toolbox and save every perfectly size design.

resize facebook
save template

3. Create your multichannel images

Now, we need to configure the social media channels in the bulk tool to start creating our images. We add three variants an configure the design for every network and change the renaming policy.

configure channels
create bulk images

Start uploading your photos to get your multichannel design.