Getting started with Abraia

Building engaging websites and apps is a primary goal for developers and marketers. It means to make content relevant and engaging, and websites fast, responsive and usable. Fonts, Javascript, CSS, and HTML are significant factors slowing down a website, but images and videos contribute the most to web pages weight. About 75% of a website average weight is due to images and video. Which means that optimizing images and videos results in a dramatic speed up to any website.

woman taking picture original Original image of a woman taking a picture
woman taking picture cropped Automatic cropped image of a woman taking a picture

Several cloud services has emerged offering APIs to manipulate and optimize images on-the-fly. Cloudinary, Imgix, or Sirv all claim being capable to dramatically improve user experience by optimizing images and reducing loading time and bandwidth usage. However, a common drawback of these image management tools is still the dependency on lots of manually configured parameters that may be tricky to use with different types of images and displaying devices. Considerable reducing the file size without damaging visual quality demands an expertise knowledge that is not always provided.

Abraia is a SaaS for web image and video optimization focus on providing the best tools and services to optimize ecommerce multi-channel and multi-device media experiences. We provide several tools for automating image and video optimization workflows, dealing with the tedious tasks of reducing the file size without hurting the visual quality. We use machine learning and advanced perceptual analysis to provide the best results, saving load time and bandwidth and improving the user experience to maximize your conversions.

typical ecommerce image workflows

Abraia's web console is the easiest way to optimize your images and videos for an omnichannel media experience. You can easily resize and brand your images and videos for all your digital channels: web, apps, mail, markeplaces, and social media (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, Tmall, etc). Simply edit one image or video using our graphical editor to create a template (aka actions). Then use that template to automatically get thousands of optimized variants with no effort, and directly from your browser.

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