Getting started

Abraia is a SaaS for web image and video optimization focus on providing the best tools and services to optimize ecommerce multi-channel and multi-device media experiences. We provide several tools for automating image and video optimization workflows, dealing with the tedious tasks of reducing the file size without hurting the visual quality. We use machine learning and advanced perceptual analysis to provide the best results, saving load time and bandwidth and improving the user experience to maximize your conversions.

typical ecommerce image workflows

Abraia's web console is the easiest way to optimize your images and videos for an omnichannel media experience. You can easily define and edit your templates (aka actions) to resize and brand your images and videos for different markeplaces (e.g. web, Tmall, Lamoda, etc) and channels (e.g. mail, Instagram, etc). You can edit one image or video with our graphic editor and get thousands of optimized variants with no effort, and directly from your browser.

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You can also take advantage of our API to automate your media editing and optimization workflows. Or just use the gulp plugin to create watch folders, the command line interface to optimize your image folders, or the Worpress plugin plugin to improve your CMS media experience.