How to resize product images to sell on Tmall

Resize and brand product images for different marketplaces is a tedious task that can be easily automated with Abraia. You just need to graphically edit your templates (aka actions) and sizes to easily get several optimized variants for every master product image.

Branded Tmall variants

We are going to configure an square and a vertical derivative for every image processed with the Abraia's Bulk processing tool.

Login to the service and follow the three steps bellow:

1. Configure the dimensions required by TMALL with the preset in bulk tool

Resized Tmall variants configuration

This preset will produce two variants of 800px width that meet Tmall image specifications. One square image and other vertical (2:3) which will be padded if your image does not respect this aspect ratio (you can easily change this with the resize mode, and enable smart cropping).

2. Create and edit an action to brand one of your images as a template

create action
upload image
add branding
save action

From the variant configuration we can edit an action to brand your images. Press the editing button and upload one of your images. Then edit the image adding your logo with a high quality format with alpha channel, like SVG or PNG, and place it at your convenience. And once ready, save the action and go back to the Bulk tool.

3. Apply all the transformations to a batch of your images

Bulk processing

Configured all the variants you are ready to process all your product images. Just drop them to the upload area and get your variants ready for Tmall.

Start creating variants

You can repeat the steps described to configure as many variants as your need. Each will have its own resizing approach, final resolution, branding, and naming (for the output image). Since the configuration is saved in our account, we only have to configure it once.