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Create a meme online with your own pictures and videos

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How to make a meme with your own picture

Simply create a meme ready for sharing on web and social media.

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Upload your picture

Upload your image and choose a socila media size to quickly configure the right output dimensions for your graphical meme.


Add the meme text

Simply add the text message, change the font type, add a border and adjust the colors to improve the visibility and contrast.


Download the meme

Finish adjusting the text position and size, and clicking on export to download the meme image ready to share on your social media.

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Make video memes online

Upload your video, select the social media size, and add some text to create your video meme. Select a custom font, adjust the outline and color, and free place the message.

Trim and crop your video to perfectly create your meme online. Download and share your meme without installing any software, directly from your browser or mobile phone.

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Make memes with pictures

Upload your own pictures or search a CC0 photo on the Unsplash tab to create your meme. Customize the text, font, color, size, and placement, to create your own meme style.

Save your meme template and reuse your design whenever you want. Quickly create personalized images and memes in a couple of clicks with your own designs and styles.

Automatic background removal

Automatically remove the iamge background to create custom memes. Add some shadow to stand out the object, and place it on a new color background, photo or video with no effort.

Quicly create compositions and photo montages and build memes to directly share on the social media from your browser or mobile phone, without installing any app or software.

automatic background removal

How to create a video meme online by your own

Here, the following clip show how to quickly create a meme with a short video or image that we may share in our social media.

1. Upload your video or image

First, upload your image or video, or search a stock photo in the unsplash tab. And choose the right size for the media when you want to share your meme.

2. Put one or more texts

Just click on the add text icon and write the message. Then set the font, style and size and place over the video at your wish.

3. Download or share

Click on export and choose your format (typically mp4) to download or share your video. You may click continue and keep working while the video is processed on the background.

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