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How to batch convert your videos to MP4 and WEBM online

Bulk convert your videos from any format to optimized MP4 and WEBM versions, ready for responsive web delivery.

mov to mp4 converter online


Choose your video output formats

Set MP4 for universal device support, WEBM to generate a variant with a highly efficient VP9 encoding, and JPEG to create a poster image for your video.


Set the output video resolutions

Configure as many derivatives as needed, each with a different resolution. Change the the video aspect ratio -cropping or padding- for several derivatives to share on different social media.


Upload and convert your videos

Upload your short clips (up to 5 minutes long and 100 MB weight each) and download the MP4 and WEBM versions ready to publish in your web or share on your social media.

A complete online converter for video

Upload your videos in virtually any format -from Apple ProRes to H264 Hi444-, get MP4 and WEBM derivatives with an optimum compression for web, and a HTML5 poster image. Convert your digital masters and mezzanine files to deliverable versions, ready for the web.

Accomplish all the video conversion and transcoding tasks, efortless.

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batch video converter

Batch video converter and resizer for a responsive media experience

Set different video resolutions to deliver a responsive and mobile first experience. By creating and delivering several video variants with decreasing resolutions you'll be able to minimize the bandwidth consumption in most iPhone and Android devices. You'll avoid stalling and rebuffering issues in mobile connections, improving the quality of experience of your users.

Create several video variants to optimize bandwidth and video quality for every device.

API for batch video conversion and editing

You can easily integrate video conversion, optimization, resizing, and editing in your web development workflows. Abraia video API provides integrations in the main languages for web development and CLI integration. In combination with our online tools for visual editing and management, the video conversion API allows to automate the creation and management of all the video derivatives needed for a responsive web and for your social media workflows.

Abraia automates and simplifies your video conversion and editing operations for web and social media.

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Content-based MP4 transcoding

Abraia brings a powerful content based video encoding, embraced by some of the largest and most succesful fashion ecommerces in the world. We tune the compression rate based on the content of the video. Abraia video processors retain the original visual quality in virtually any web-relevant display, within an optimized version with the minimum weight.

Convert videos to high efficiency WEBM

Further minimize bandwidth on Android and PCs by delivering WEBM versions coded in VP9, a high efficiency video encoding. Our video processors also tune VP9 parameters based on the video content. By delivering MP4 and WEBM versions optimized with Abraia, you'll cater to the whole range of your users devices and browsers in the best possible conditions. The best quality served in the minimum weight.

Add repetitive video editing to your bulk operations

Just edit once with our easy-to-use video editor and save the action template. Then keep overlaying logos or texts again and again on your converted videos with our bulk tool. Abraia automates repetitive video editing without effort, through a simple and visual configuration.