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How to batch convert your videos to MP4 and WEBM online

Bulk convert your short videos (up to 5 minutes) from any format to optimized MP4 and WEBM versions, ready for responsive web delivery.

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Choose your formats

Set MP4 for universal device support, WEBM to generate a variant with a highly efficient VP9 encoding, HEVC for high efficient MP4 (mainly for Apple devices), or even JPEG to create a poster image for your video.


Set your resolutions

Configure as many derivatives and different resolutions as needed. Cange the video aspect ratio -cropping or padding- for several derivatives to share on different social media, or even watermark some variants.


Upload your videos

Automatically convert your videos from any format, uploading your short clips (up to 5 minutes long), and download the MP4 and WEBM versions ready to publish in your web or share on your social media.

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Compress MP4 videos for web

Compress your videos online in an optimized MP4 format, without losing quality. Enjoy a powerful content based compression that tunes the compression rate based on the content of the video.

Ensure the highest compression effciency and get the best visual quality with the minimum file size. Boost your visual content strategy delivering the best quality of experience.

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convert video webm

Convert videos to MP4 and WEBM

Upload your short videos (up to 5 minutes long) in virtually any format -from Apple ProRes to H264 Hi444-, and get MP4, WEBM, and HEVC derivatives with an optimum compression for web, and even the HTML5 poster image in a single step.

Convert your digital masters and mezzanine files to deliverable versions ready for web, efortless.

Batch convert and resize videos

Set different video resolutions to deliver a responsive and mobile first media experience. By creating and delivering several video variants with decreasing resolutions you will be able to minimize the bandwidth consumption on mobile devices, avoiding stalling and rebuffering issues in mobile connections, improving the quality of experience of your users.

Create several video variants to optimize bandwidth and video quality for every device.

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How to reduce video file size without losing quality

The key to reduce video file size without losing quality is to adapt the characteristics of our media to our user's conditions. The three main aspect we can adapt are: the video resolution, the video bitrate, and the video format.

resize video to reduce file size

Resize video

As far as possible, we should avoid delivering more pixels than those consumed. Otherwise we're wasting bandwidth without impact on visual quality. Moreover, movement in videos make us less sensitive to detail compared to images.

As a simple rule of thumb, we can limit video sizes for mobile devices to HD (720p) resolution and for desktop to full HD (1080p). If users with big retina displays like iMac are important to us then we can add 2k (1440p) resolution to desktop. But we must bear in mind that each step up will add approximately 50% to the weight of our video weight.

Compress video

Choosing the proper compression parameters for videos is a bit tricky. Setting a bitrate isn't a good option, since we'll waste bandwidth with many videos and we'll still see artifacts in highly dynamic ones. Using a parameter like CRF will help but it may become unstable and produce peaks in highly dynamic videos.

The best approach is to optimize compression with an solution like Abraia that tunes the compression rate based on the content of the video. This is valid for the main compression codecs available (H264, VP9, H265).

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We may also consider the use of high efficiency encodings like WEBM (VP9) or HEVC (H265). While MP4 files compressed with a H264 codec enjoy universal support, WEBM files are supported by Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Android and HEVC files are supported by iPhone and MAC.

In a website, we can offer a version of each format, so that MP4/H264 remains as fallback in our HTML5 code.

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We have seen the three main aspects -resizing, video compression, and encoding format- that we must consider to reduce a video file size without losing quality.

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