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How to compress your videos online for ecommerce and marketing

compress video online

Simply drag and drop your videos and get perfectly optimized versions for the web and social media.


Configure the maximum video width

This automatically resize the video when this is larger than the configured width. You can also add aditional sizes to create several variants with no effort.


Select the video output format

Choose MP4 for full device compatibility, add an additional WEBM variant, and get the JPEG poster, just configuring all your needed derivatives.


Upload and compress your videos

Upload your short videos (up to 5 minutes and 100 MB) and download the compressed versions to directly publish on the web or share on your social media.

Convert your videos online to publish on web

Convert your videos to optimized MP4, and create VP9 versions to reduce bandwidth on Android and PCs. Also create the required poster image from the video frame in a simple step.

Optimize videos to publish on web, and deviler your media from your own domain controlling your customer experience.

convert video online
resize video online

Resize your videos to reduce the bandwidth

Configure your video size variants and get all your video resized versions in one step, ready to be used on a responsive and mobile first design.

Create several video variants to optimize bandwidth and video quality for every device.

Watermark your videos with bulk operations

Overlaying a logo or a text you can easily watermark your videos. Just edit one video and save the action template to brand all your videos with the bulk tool.

Use Abraia to automate your video watermarking operations without by simple visual configuration.

watermark video online