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How to compress your videos online for ecommerce and marketing

Simply drag and drop your videos and get perfectly optimized versions for the web and social media.

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Configure the maximum video width

This automatically resize the video when it is larger than the configured width. You can set additional sizes to create several variants with no effort.


Select the video output format

Choose MP4 for full device compatibility, set an additional WEBM variant, and get the JPEG poster. Configure all the derivatives you need in a couple of clicks.


Upload and compress your videos

Upload your short videos (up to 5 minutes and 100 MB) and download the compressed versions to directly publish on the web or share on your social media.

Convert your videos online to publish on web

Convert your videos to optimized MP4 files. Create WebM versions coded in VP9 to minimize bandwidth on Android and PCs. Create the required HTML5 poster image from the video frame at the same time. Fulfil all the encoding requirements for optimium video delivery, efortless.

Optimize videos to publish on web, and deviler your media from your own domain. Take control of user experience and benefit all the SEO boost of video content.

convert video online
resize video online

Resize your videos to reduce the bandwidth

Configure different video sizes in a couple of taps. Commit to a responsive and mobile first design by delivering video variants with different sizes. Get all the versions -ready to use- in a one single step.

Create several video variants to optimize bandwidth and video quality for every device.

Watermark your videos with bulk operations

Overlay a logo or a text with Abraia to easily watermark your videos. Just edit a video and save it as an action template to brand all your videos with the bulk tool (directly from your web browser).

Abraia automates your video watermarking without effort, through a simple and visual configuration.

watermark video online

Content-based MP4 and WEBM compressor

Abraia brings a powerful content based compression for the most important video formats for web. For each clip, the video processors tune the compression rate based on the content of the video. You'll get the best quality with the minimum file size. When dealing with short videos for ecommerce or marketing, our processor have made a difference in terms of visual quality and optimization efficiency, empowering the visual content strategy of some of the most important ecommerces.

Convert videos to MP4 and WEBM

With Abraia you may upload a video in virtually any format and get MP4 and WEBM derivatives with an optimum compression for web. And of course the most usual MP4 to WEBM conversion. We compress your WEBM converted video derivatives with VP9, a high efficiency video encoding, specifically tuning the VP9 compression parameters based on the video content. By delivering MP4 and WEBM versions optimized with Abraia, you'll cater to the whole range of your users devices and browsers. With the best quality at the minimum weight.

API for bulk video compression and branding

Take it to the next level with our complete and friendly API for video compression and bulk branding. Video conversion, optimization, resizing, and branding can be easily integrated in your web development workflows, empowered with our online tools for visual editing and management. Ecommerce and web development with video content in the loop can be easy and painless with Abraia.