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Bulk image optimizer plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce

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Abraia for WordPress is the best way to speed up your website, optimizing all your images and thumbnails with the best quality.

Optimize all the image formats that can be used in the web, JPEG, PNG, WEBP, SVG, and GIF

  • Bulk optimize all your WordPress/WooCommerce image gallery. Install it and get your site optimized in a matter of minutes, with a simple button click.

  • All the power you need, put in a simple interface. Monitor the weight of your images and the savings achieved. Control your account budget, creadits, and available bandwidth.

  • Automatically resize large images. Stop overloading your server with those 20 Mpx master pictures which heart your site. Set and enforce a maximum image size.
  • No month subscription. Bulk optimize all your images with the best quality and only pay what you need when you need it. No more month subscription and fix quotes.

  • Optimize your images on upload. Each time you upload an image Abraia resizes it and compress it quickly in the cloud, without affecting the performance of your server.

  • Feel safe, with the integrated cloud backup. Restore any optimized image to the original version from the cloud with no burden on your server (up to 14 days after optimizing).

Simple Pricing with No Subscription

of data for a year
approx.: 5,000 images
limited email support
of data for a year
approx.: 20,000 images
priority email support
15 days cloud backup
of data for a year
approx.: 50,000 images
priority email support
15 days cloud backup
of data for a year
approx.: 90,000 images
priority email support
15 days cloud backup

High quality Wordpress image resizer

There is no reason to overload your WordPress with those 20Mpx images that nobody will appreciate. With Abraia, you may set your Wordpress image optimization plugin to enforce a maximum image resolution with a high quality resizing. Our high quality resizing algorithm will retain full detail, protecting fine textures and colors. You'll show the best possible quality without weighing down your WordPress.

Best optimization efficiency across all your WordPress image sizes

Abraia brings the best and most consistent optimization efficiency across the main WordPress image sizes comparing the main image optimization plugins. Unique perception-inspired algorithms protect color from degradation and prevent compression artifacts from damaging images at every relevant image size.

Fast image compression that doesn't slow down your server

Optimizing images in the cloud avoids weighing down your WordPress with local computing-hungry processes. With Abraia, you'll enjoy lighting fast compression that feels like done locally but in the cloud, without the downsides of local plugins that overload your server CPU. We tested faster when compared to the main image optimization plugins available.

Keep you WordPress storage at bay

Other plugins grow and grow your server storage by placing all the useless unoptimized images in a backup folder hidden in your sever filesystem. Abraia keeps a backup in the cloud during two weeks. While you retain the power to undo any compression in the very unlikely case you're not happy with it, you'll server storage won't pay for this.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use the plugin for free?

Absolutely. You get a 1GB quota for free when you get signed up. Once this quota is reached, you will need to purchase some credits to optimize more images.

On how many websites can I use the plugin?

You can use the plugin on as many sites as you wish. The only limit is the optimization quota of your account.

Can I use other plugins (Imagify, Kraken, etc) with Abraia?

Absolutely. But if you want to get the best quality, it is recomended not use any other tool or plugin that can heart your images.

How much it cost every month to get images optimized?

You won't pay per month (no subscription). You will only pay when you need aditional quota for image optimization.

Can I restore images after optimization?

Absolutely. You can restore the original image from the cloud backup for fifteen days. With Abraia, you don't need to spend your hosting storage quote with original images backup.

What happens when the plugin is disabled?

When the plugin is disabled, your existing images remain optimized without any change.

Best-in-class image optimization for your Woocommerce product gallery

Because product appearance matters

Shooting, retouching... image production is costly and time consuming. You don't want to wreck all the hard work in the last step. Optimization is critical. Light images speed up your site and reduce the bounce rate. High quality images boost conversions. Get both with Abraia.

Best-in-class content-aware technology

Abraia brings best in class image optimization technology, tunning the quality factor, the color subsampling, the quantization, or the color mapping. Our developed algorithms have been fitted for major fashion ecommerces. You'll get images with the minimum weight and the maximum visual quality (no added blur or artifacts, and no color washing).

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