Adjust video brightness, contrast, saturation

Video color correction online

Adjust color

Video color correction

Enhance the video color adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation online. With a simple interface, you can improve the video image in a few seconds. Without having any experience in video editing, and directly from your browser, correct your videos color.

Improve saturation, contrast, and brightness without installing any software in your computer or mobile device.

video color correction
turn video black and white

Turn video to black and white

Convert your video to grayscale online. You do not need a filter to make a video black and white. Simply move the saturation slider to the left to completely remove the color. Then, make some final adjustments on the contrast and brightness to improve the final result.

Change the saturation value to -100 and slightly increase the contrast and brightness to convert your video to black and white.

How to adjust video brightness, contrast, and saturation

Sometimes, videos need a touch to fix that the brightness is too low or the colors are a little dull. With Abraia Studio adjusting the color of a video can be easily done online. You can manually tweak the brightness, contrast, and saturation to correct the color of your video. Moreover, you can even adjust the color of several videos at once.

adjust color videos online

Upload the video to adjust

Click "add media" and upload your video (up to 30 minutes long or 1GB) to load the video into the canvas. You can upload a video from your PC, Tablet, Android, or iPhone.


Correct the color from adjustments

Select the video in the timeline to find the brightness, contrast, and saturation sliders in the right side panel. Then, to improve the intensity of the color, drag the saturation slider to the right, and you will see the colors become richer. Alternatively, if you like to make it completely black and white, drag the slider to the left.

Finally, if your video is a little dark, or it does not have enough contrast, adjust the brightness and contrast to correct the color of the images, and bring the clip back to life.


Export your video adjusted

When you are happy with your color adjustments, Click "export" and select the output format. Finally, after the rendering is done in a few moments, download the color corrected MP4 video to your computer.

Adjust color