Add logo to video online without watermark

Put a logo on multiple videos at once

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Watermark your videos

Put a logo, insert a watermark, or overlay some text in multiple videos at once. Save the design, and reuse it to provide a consistent visual style to all your videos. Select the current video in the canvas and upload a new one to automatically update your design.

Bulk process your videos at batches to generate consistent versions based in the same design. Watermark your videos at once and make them ready to share on the web and social networks.

put logo on videos
insert logo in videos

Insert logo in videos

Upload a SVG or a transparent PNG to overlay on your video. Or make your logo image transparent removing the background color. Adjust the size, placement, and opacity of your watermark directly on the video. Save the design and use it on multiple videos.

Process your videos on the cloud to directly share on the web and social media, without compromising on quality, installing any software, or freezing your computer or mobile device.

How to add a logo in multiple videos at once

Putting a logo on several videos is a repetitive task that can be easily done with Abraia Studio. Just add your logo to one video, using our online visual editor, and automatically get all your videos watermarked at once without any effort.

add logo to multiple videos

Upload the videos to watermark

Enable the bulk mode and click "add media" to upload your videos (up to 30 minutes long or 1GB each). The uploaded videos will be shown in the carrousel on the left. The first video will be automatically loaded into the canvas. Simply, click on any video in the carrousel to replace the current working video.


Add the logo on once of your videos

Add a high quality logo, icon, or graphics, uploading it as a SVG or transparent PNG file. You can even remove the background color from your logo to make it transparent using the "remove color" tool from the adjust toolbox.

Scale and place the logo on the video, and adjust the opacity to create a more pleasant result. Use the handlers in the timeline to make the logo disappear on a certain time.


Export your watermarked video

Click "export" and select the bulk process switch to process all the videos in the carousel. The video rendering tasks will be sent to the cloud to be processed in parallel while your can continue editing without freezing your computer. When the process ends, click "download all" to get all your videos with the logo in it.

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