Add logo to video online without watermark

Watermark the videos you share in social media and web

Add logo
add logo to videos online

Put a logo on your videos

Just upload a SVG or a transparent PNG to overlay a logo, an icon, or a graphic. Adjust the size, placement, and opacity, and save the template to use on multiple videos. Export several videos at once with the bulk process capability.

Convert your videos to the main web formats to download and share directly on the web, without compromising on quality.

put logo on videos online
add logo in multiple videos

Add a logo in multiple videos

Edit a video adding a logo, text, or even music, and save your edits to reuse them with different videos. Apply a consistent visual style with fully editable templates. Create consistent, memorable videos in a couple of clicks.

Bulk process your videos and generate different versions from a batch of master videos, ready to share on the web and social networks.

How to add a logo in your videos online with no watermark

Add a logo to multiple videos videos at once. Simply edit a video from the visual editor and automatically apply the template to get a batch of watermarked videos without effort.

add logo to videos in bulk

Upload the videos

Upload your videos (up to 20 minutes long or 500MB each) to the editor. Upload several videos at once, selecting multiple videos on the upload dialog, to show the bulk carousel. Go to gallery and select multiple files to enable the bulk tool on the editor. Once on the editor, click on any video in the carousel to replace the current working video. Adjust the canvas size to resize your videos or change the aspect ratio, and use the pad and crop buttons to quickly adjust the video size to the canvas. Choose a preset to change the resolution and aspect ratio for Instagram, Youtube, etc.


Add the logo

Add your high quality logo, icon or graphics, uploading it as a SVG or transparent PNG file. You can even remove the background color from an image, so use the remove color tool to make your logo image transparent. Scale and place it on the video, and adjust the opacity to create a more pleasant result. Use the handlers in the timeline to make the logo disappear on a certain time. You can also add some text, a white border, or change the background color to create a recognizable style.


Export your videos

Click "export" and select the output video format (MP4, WEBM, or MOV). Use the bulk process switch to process all the videos in the carousel or only the current video in the editor. A video processing task will be added to the tasks tool to be processed in parallel. While the videos are processed you can continue editing your images and videos or reviewing the processed ones. Then, download the videos from the tasks panel, or directly from the export folder in the gallery.

Add logo