Add a logo to a video online with no watermark

Simply add a logo to your ecommerce and marketing videos for web and social media

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How to add a logo on a video online with no watermark

Simply add a logo to your videos online before to upload to the web or share on the social media.

add logo to video online

Upload your video

Upload the video (up to 5 minutes long) from your mobile phone or computer device without intalling any software.


Add the logo

Add and place your high quality logo uploading it as SVG or transparent PNG, and adjust the opacity to improve the blended result.


Share the video

Download your resized and optimized MP4 video or directly share it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, from your phone.

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Brand your videos online adding logos or watermarks

Resize and brand videos, adding a logo or a watermark, is a common task that can be easily made online, from Windows and Mac, and even from your iPhone or Android device. It doesn't require to install any software, just need a moderm browser like Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.

As recomeded by Pinterest, one of the best practices to improve brand awareness is to add a logo in a subtle way. This and a simple resize are usually enough to prepare your video for your home page or social media network.

For instance, we are going to take this video traffic time lapse, and put our logo on it with the online video editor. We going to create a square cropped version with the logo watermark optimized and reade to publish on your web.

1. Upload and resize/crop the video

Go to the editor and upload the video to start editing the video. Once uploaded, change the size of your output video using one the presets. Choose the Instagram preset to get a high resolution square video version (1080x1080). Change the resize mode to select between cropping or padding mode (with the padding mode you get a square version preserving the content).

resize video without cropping
resize video with cropping

You can also change the background color when the padding mode is selected. Just choose another color in the background input color (white by default).

2. Add the logo on your video

To add the logo click on the toolbar button and upload a high quality version (SVG or PNG) with alpha channel. Place and resize it at your convenience and adjust the opacity to create a more pleasant result. You can also add some text, message or call to action.

logo on video without cropping
logo on video with cropping

3. Create and download your video

Preview your video on any moment. Once ready, click the download button to start creating the video. This can take some time, because video processing is a heavy task. Just wait for a while until the video is downloaded.

Square padded video with logo
Square cropped video with logo

Remember to upload a Full HD video version to get the best result. If your uploaded video has a lower resolution the result will be automatically limited to the maximum achievable resolution, preserving the video quality.

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Bulk processing videos online for different social media channels

Almost invariably, publishing videos on different social media channels includes adapting the aspect ratio to the channel requirements, overlaying some elements over the video -a logo, a message, subtitles or any graphic design-, and sometimes applying a filter.

This is time consuming and hard to be consistent across the channels we operate in. Now, with Abraia is simple and fast to perform all these operations online consistently.

1Create your template

Go to the editor, upload a video and your logo to create a beautiful template, to use for watermarking your videos. Simply use the visual editor to place your logo and adjust your template, resizing the video, or adding some text.

brand video save template
Edit your video adding a logo or some text to overlay on the video, and save the template to process a bach of additional videos.

2Configure your action

Go to the bulk tool and select your watermark template to consistently brand a batch of videos. Configure the output filename, and the final video size and format, or add aditional variantas to create all your branded versions.

brand video choose template
Add a variant and choose the template to apply it to as many videos as you want, auttomating the generation of several variants at once.

3Bulk process your videos

From the bulk tool, drag and drop your videos or upload a batch of videos to automatically and consistently brand all your videos online. Get all your watermarked variants in a single step with no effort and gain more brand awareness.

brand video variants
Upload your videos to the batch processor to download a zip file with all the variants created in a single step automatically.

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