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Split videos

Online video splitter

Split videos online in just a couple of clicks, right from your browser. Simply use the timeline to split your video into multiple clips and remove the sections you do not want. Create short videos selecting the best parts to share on your social media.

Render your video in the cloud from any device, no matter what your computer specs are. No installation required!

online video splitter
split video into multiple clips

Split video files

Upload your video and split it into as many parts as you want. It works with both video and audio files. Select the clip in the timeline and move the time slider to cut your video in that point. Then, remove the unwanted clips to render the final video.

Split your videos into scenes and combine the clips to repurpose your videos for different social media channels.

How to split a video into multiple parts online

Splitting video clips is a fundamental task on video editing. You may want to remove some parts from a video to capture the best moments. Or separate one video into multiple clips and save them as separate files. Even, you can rearrange and put together the scenes that build a video.

With Abraia Studio you can easily split your video into several parts, and combine multiple clips online, directly from your browser.

split video and audio online

Upload your video

Click "add media" and upload your video (up to 30 minutes long or 1GB) or paste a link to a video from YouTube. The video will be loaded on the canvas and shown on the timeline.


Split the video

Use the timeline to select the video and move the slider indicator to the right cutting point. Click the "cut media" button to split the video at the current location. Repeat it as many times as you want and remove the unwanted parts of your video.


Download and share

When you are ready, click "export" to save your video as an MP4 file. The final video will be rendered in the cloud just in a few minutes. Then download and share your video on the social media, like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Split videos