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Create a video collage with music online

Make collage
make video collage

Create a video collage

Simply crop and resize your videos and photos to compose the collage in the canvas. Adjust the duration of all your elements in the timeline and add some background music to the video. Combine the composition in the canvas and the arrangement in the timeline to build your video collages with music.

Combine photos, videos, and music to create collages to share on your web or social media.

create a video collage
online video collage maker

Online video collage maker

Freely arrange your videos and photos (scaling, resizing, and cropping) and upload a MP3 music file or record your own voice over to build your collage. Use the timeline to control when the elements are shown, to adjust and cut the clips, and automatically merge and synchronize all the audios with no effort.

Combine multiple tracks concatenating and overlaying audios, videos, photos, and text.

How to make a video collage with music online

Creating collages from videos and pictures can be hard on most video editors. With Abraia Studio you can crop, resize, and place images and videos to freely create your video collages online.

make video collage with music

Compose the collage

Just upload the videos to add the clips to the timeline. Then, select thte canvas size for your social media and start composing the collage, scaling and placing each video. Use the controls handlers to crop and resize the clips. Freely place each element in the canvas to compose the collage, smartly aligning and overlaying elements.


Add background music

Upload a music file to add the audio track to the timeline. Mute the video to remove the video sound. Adjust the start and duration of each video and audio element in the timeline. Simply use the element handlers in the timeline to cut the clips and smartly adjust time alignment and synchronization.


Export the video

Finish the video adding some text or subtitles, customizing fonts and styles, or adding borders and shadows. Combine pictures and videos in the collage uploading some pictures and adjusting the clips duration in the timeline. Then, click "export" to create the video in MP4 or MOV format and get it ready to directly publish on your web.

Make collage