Remove audio from multiple videos at once

Batch remove audio from videos online

Remove audio
remove audio videos

Remove audio from videos

Batch remove the audio of multiple videos online. Simple mute one selected video on the editor and click export to bulk process all the selected videos and get the sound removed at once. You can also add background music at once just uploading the MP3 audio file.

Get multiple videos muted and resized for your ecommerce or social media with a single click.

remove audio from videos
overlay text on muted video

Overlay text on muted videos

Overlay text to communicate your message on short videos with no audio. This easily builds video content that mimic your visual brand style and can be played on mobile phones with high engagement. You just need to add your text message and mute the video audio to get it done.

Repurpose your short videos and create stunning videos, easily trimming, removing audio, and overlaying some text.

How to remove audio from multiple videos at once

Most social media videos are muted videos. The main reason is while many browsers do not allow video autoplay without a user action, all of them allow autoplay in the case of muted videos. So, removing the audio and adding subtitles to videos is a great way to get the message across several media.

batch remove audio from videos

Upload your videos

Upload a set of videos (up to 20 minutes long each) or select them from the gallery, and go to the editor to start editing. This will show the carousel on the left with the selected/uploaded videos which will be bulk processed. You can uncheck any video to remove it from the carousel.


Mute the sound

The current selected video it is shown in the video editor. Just mute the video in the editor to remove the audio tracks on export, or check the no audio option on the export tool in the gallery. You can change between different videos just selecting a new one in the carousel.


Export the videos

Export the videos from the gallery to remove audio preserving the aspect ratio, or use the editor to resize videos in the same operation. In the editor, turn on the bulk processing option to process all the videos at once, or turn off this option to only process the current video.

Now, the tasks will be sent to be processed on parallel, and shown on the right side panel tasks. Once processed you can download the videos with the audio track removed directly from the tasks panel or later from the export folder in the gallery.

Remove audio