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Add text on video in just a couple of clicks

Simply add some text on your uploaded video. Fit the video size to your social media (Facebook, Pinteres, Instagram, etc). And share your visual content with no watermark.

Adapt the text and style to create a consistent visual style, memorable and professional, with a couple of clicks.

abraia add text video
abraia resize trim video

Resize and trim the video for your social media

Select a preset to fit the video size to your social channel. Crop the video or add some background color to preserve the content and create a consistent image. Select the right cut to communicate your message trimming the video.

Adapt the resize mode to adjust the video size to the media channel with a simple click.

Automate your video editing tasks with templates

Brand your videos using templates to simplify your media tasks. Create several video versions to share on different social networks from one master source. Resize your videos to fit and share on every channel (e.g. Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc).

Automate your video editing and optimization tasks to create consistent video versions for every social media and channel.

abraia automate video editing