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Convert blog post, articles, and scripts into engaging videos effortlessly. Add relevant CC0 stock images, videos, and music based on your text. Add your own voice or a realistic neural voice using text to speech generation. Easily change the stock content or replace it with your own.

Simply write your script, choose a neural voice, and incorporate stock media. Edit your video scenes in the timeline and add subtitles, text, and other elements.

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Generate videos right in your browser without any editing skills. Use text-to-speech to automatically narrate your script using natural-sounding voices. Speed up your video creation workflow with custom templates. Create videos in multiple languages for a global market.

Make training videos, promo videos, explainer videos, and more. Transform a blog post, article, or email into a engaging video in minutes.

How to create videos with ChatGPT and Abraia

Now, creating high-quality videos is easier than ever before. You can use ChatGPT to assist you writing your video script and Abraia Studio to generate your videos online in only a few minutes. Using both tools, you can create engaging videos effortlessly.

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Generate the video script using ChatGPT

To access the ChatGPT chatbot, simply visit the official site, click "Try ChatGPT," and sign up. Once you have access, ask the chatbot to generate a video script by entering a prompt such as: Create a 1 minute YouTube video script, without headings, about what it is ChatGPT. The chatbot will write you an script covering the key aspects of the topic, ready to copy and paste into the text to speech tool.


Convert the script to video with Abraia

Once you have your script, click "add media" and go to the "speech" tab to enter the text. Paste the script from ChatGPT and select the AI presenter to generate the voiceover narration for your video. Then, click "save" to add the audio to the editor timeline.

Now, go to the "stock" tab dialog and select the images and videos to support every scene, o upload your own media files. You can even record your screen or webcam directly from the "record" tab. Then, edit the video by trimming unnecessary portions, use annotations to grab the attention of your viewers, add some background music, add a logo, and customize the elements by changing the font, alignment, colors.


Generate and download the video online

Once you are done with the editing process, click the "export" button to render and download the video to your computer or mobile phone, to share it directly on social media. But before that, your can head back to ChatGPT and request a suitable title and description for your engaging video.

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