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Trim or cut your ecommerce and marketing videos online for your social media

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trim video online

How to trim a video online for your social media

Trim, cut, and resize videos (up to 7 minutes), and also add text and images. Simply edit online your videos for the social media.

trim video online

Edit the video online

Upload the video (up to 7 minutes long) from your mobile or computer device and directly trim, cut, and resize the video clip, and even add some text or images.


Adjust the start and end times

Choose the start and the end times with the timeline sliders to your desired video cut, and instantly preview the video cut result before creation.


Create the video cut

Create and download your optimized MP4 video cut or directly share it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, from your smartphone with no watermark.

Trim your social video in just a couple of clicks

Trimming is the perfect way to repurposing some videos to share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This works particularly well for short videos (up to 15 seconds).

Cut the duration of your videos to get a short version to share on your social media channels.

abraia trim video
abraia remove audio

Remove audio to play the video on the feed

Removing audio is one of the most used feature of any video editor to post on social median and to publish on websites with autoplay mode (like on ecommerce product gallery).

Remove the audio to play videos on mobile or to autoplay videos on any website or feed.

Overlay text on muted videos to add your message

Overlaying text is a great way to communicate your message on short videos with no audio. This easily builds video content that can be played on mobile phones with high engagement.

Use Abraia to repurpose your short videos and create stunning videos, easily trimming, removing audio, and overlaying some text.

abraia overlay text

How to remove sound from video and trim with frame precision

Muted videos have a big advantage. They are allowed to be delivered in autoplay mode, playing without the need of any action from the viewer side. Silent videos are much more likely to play. on social media. So -silent and short- are two key features that we usually need in the content we share.

remove sound from video

We can easily trim and remove audio to directly get an autoplay ready version for sharing on your social media.

1. Remove sound

To remove sound we just mute the video by clicking on the sound button. After that, simply export the video to make it with the sound removed. Then, browsers will accept it in autoplay mode.

2. Trim video by frame

To get a shorter clip, just cut the video moving the time sliders to adjust the start and the end of the video with frame precision. Then, check the result by clicking on the play button.

3. Export video and share

Finally, we can change the resolution and aspect rato, to share on different channels, padding or cropping out part of the clip, and overlay a logo or some text to brand our content. Then, click the export button to create and share your video.

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