Trim video online with no watermark

Cut video online for your web and social media

Trim videos

Video cutter online

Simply upload a video, move the time slider, select the clip in the timeline, and use the split tool (scissors) to cut the video. Select the best parts of your videos to share on the social media, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Cut the duration of your videos online and get a short MP4 version ready to share directly from your mobile phone or desktop.

video cutter online
online video trimmer

Online video trimmer

Trim your videos using the handlers in the timeline. Simply drag the edge to reduce the duration of your video. Mute the audio and add a text messages to improve the mobile experience and impact your message on your social media feed.

Repurpose your short videos and create stunning videos, easily trimming, removing audio, and overlaying some text online.

How to trim video online without watermark

Easily trim and cut videos online from your mobile or computer device. Remove the audio, and overlay some text to communicate your message on short videos with no audio. Add your message putting text that mimic your visual brand style, and quickly get an autoplay ready version (muted video) for sharing on your social media.

trim video without watermark

Upload your video file online

Click "add media" to upload the video (up to 30 minutes long or 1GB) from your local storage. Use the timeline to directly trim or cut the video clip, and control the speed and volume. Just click the speaker button to mute the video or move the slider to adjust the volume level.


Remove parts cutting the video

Use the element handlers in the timeline to adjust the start and end of the clip. Or remove the unwanted parts using the cutting tool. Select the clip, move the slider to the exact position, and click the cut button. Repeat the operation to create a new clip and remove the unwanted segment. Then, move the element in the timeline to concatenate the clips, and click on the play button to instantly preview the result.


Create the MP4 video cut

Finally, you can change the resolution and aspect ratio, to share on different channels, padding or cropping out part of the clip, and overlay a logo or some text to brand our content. Then, click the "export" button to create and download your optimized MP4 video cut.

Trim videos