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Create slideshow videos with music

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Create photo slideshow

Simply add some background music and multiple photos to the canvas to show the timeline. Select a social media preset to change the canvas size. Combine the composition in the canvas and the arrangement in the timeline to build your slideshow or collage with music. Add additional elements like text or videos.

Combine photos, videos, and screen recordings to create slideshows to share on your web or social media.

create photo slideshow
add music to photos

Add music to photos

Convert images to video and create a slideshow with music. Upload your audio file or choose a music file from our CC0 stock. Add and place your photos, and adjust the start and duration of each image. Rearrange them in the timeline to control when they are shown along the video. Preview the photo slideshow video on any moment.

Add a narration voice to your slideshow using realistic text to speech.

How to make a photo slideshow with music online

Creating videos from pictures can be hard on most video editors, specially when you want to generate several social media variants. With Abraia Studio you can freely resize and place images and videos to create slideshows and collages.

make photo slideshow with music

Add the music

Start uploading a music file or selecting an audio from the files tab to add the track to the timeline. Then select the canvas size and start adding your pictures to build the photo slideshow.


Add your photos

Use the "add media" dialog to upload your photos or click on some previously uploaded ones. Then, adjust the duration and arrangement in the timeline to customize the order of appearance.


Export the video

Pad or crop the images to adjust their size to the canvas, or freely resize and place them to build collages and overlays. Then, click "export" to create the MP4 photo slideshow with music.

Make slideshow