Add border to multiple images online

Add a frame to a batch of photos at once

Add border

Add border to images online

Add a border to create stunning images to share on your social media and marketing channels. Simply select between the uploaded pictures, set the canvas size, and arrange one or several photos to create multiple variations.

Combine multiple product photos and even a video to create consistent compositions to highlight the product on your ecommerce grid.

edit text on pictures with border
add border to multiple images

Add white border to photos

Upload a set of multiple pictures to use the bulk processing tool. Select the background color and add a border, then click "export" to generate your images ready to share on your web or social media as JPEG, PNG, or WebP.

Reuse your design whenever you want. Simply select a picture and upload a new one to replace it. Use the bulk processing tool to replace the background image and create multiple variants at once.

How to add a border to multiple images at once

With Abraia Studio you can easily add a border to multiple images and photos, maintaining a visual consistency across all your media channels. You can use a consistent color palette and fonts, use the same logos and brand watermarking, and easily adapt your images and videos for several aspect ratios.

add border to multiple images at once

Upload the images to modify

Enable the bulk mode and create a folder to upload your image files. The uploaded pictures will be shown in the carousel on the left. Add additional images to the carousel selecting them from the files dialog.


Add the border to an image

Disable the size anchor to set a specific width and height changing the aspect ratio. Set the border value in pixels and click "pad" or "crop" to adjust the photo to the canvas. Use the handlers to freely scale, crop, and move the image.


Export the images with border

Click "export" to edit all the images in the carousel in bulk. After a short processing time all your images will be ready to download and share with the border added.

Add border