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Repurposing video for multiple social media

Repurpose video
repurpose videos online

Repurpose your YouTube videos

Instantly repurpose your YouTube videos to share on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and more. Save time and effort by selecting the preset to fit your preferred social media. Cut the video to make a short version ready to share on a different platform.

Edit your video to create short pieces of content to share in a few clicks. Remove audio, add text and music, or add subtitles to your YouTube videos online from any device.

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Edit videos for all social media

Create a great content and distribute your videos to all social media platforms. Do not waste time figuring out how to optimize your video for each video-sharing platforms. You can even process multiple videos at once, overlaying a logo or a text to easily watermark your videos.

Reach a wider audience and grow your following. Create professional-looking videos that you can share across all social media platforms.

How to repurpose videos for multiple social media

Repurposing video content means optimizing an already produced video and tweaking it to fit and share on different social media platforms. For instance, create a video for TikTok from your YouTube video changing the settings. This is a crucial element on content marketing.

Abraia Studio makes content repurposing super easy. So, you can easily create and edit videos to get multiple versions optimized for every social media channel. Avoiding to create original content from scratch every time you want to reach an audience on another platform.

Because repurposing content does not have to be a challenge. Now, you can easily repurpose your YouTube videos as: 10 minutes IGTVs, 1 minute feed videos, 30 seconds reels, or 15 seconds stories. Simply edit and repurpose your videos directly from your browser with Abraia Studio.

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Upload your original video

Upload your video (up to 30 minutes long), select the media element from the "add media" dialog, or directly record your screen and webcam. Once added the clip to the canvas, you can freely place, resize, and crop your video element on the canvas.


Select a social media preset

Pick a social media size (e.g. Instagram, Story, YouTube) to automatically resize the video. Then, cut the video to ensure that it does not cross the duration limit of the content format you want to post (e.g. 1 minute for feed video or 15 seconds for stories). Adjust the audio level and add some music, or even add captions and subtitles to make your content accessible to a wider audience.

When you add a media element to the project, this will be inserted in the timeline. Then, you can simple adjust the start and duration in the timeline, or remove unwanted parts of videos and audios using the cutting tool (scissors).


Export and download the video

Finally, click "export" to create a MP4 video ready to share on the web or social media. Moreover, take advantage from your desktop computer to comfortable edit your videos, and use your smartphone to directly share and publish them later, on Instagram or any other social media platform.

Repurpose video