Combine video clips online

Combine your videos, music, and images online

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Add your videos

Upload your videos or select some previously uploaded ones from the videos toolbox. Adjust the canvas size and resize or crop your videos to adopt an specific resolution and aspect ratio.


Adjust the timeline

Move the video elements in the timeline to adjust the start and end of each video clip, arrange and concatenate the clips. Resize the video element to cut the clip to an specific frame start and end.


Export the video

Click export and choose the output video format (MP4, MOV, WEBM) to combine the videos in the timeline. Simply add music, text, and images to complete your editing and merge video and audio.

Combine videos

Combine video clips

Add multiple video files or the same video multiple times to clip and play them simultaneously. Select or adjust the canvas size to an specific resolution and place the crops in different places. Crop and combine your videos to adapt them to different aspect ratios and social media networks.

Mute the videos, add background music, or preserve the audio to combine videos and audios.

combine video clips
combine videos online

Merge videos online

Merge your videos, add images, or overlay some text to communicate your message. Add music, voice, and sound effects to merge videos and audio. Rearrange the elements in the timeline and adjust their start and duration. Concatenate videos and images or crop, resize, and place them to build a mosaic.

Combine multiple videos, images, and audio tracks to easily build video mosaics with music.

Combine videos and audio

Add multiple audio files and videos and play them simultaneously. Add background music, sound effects, and recorded voice to the timeline and automatically get all the audios mixed. Arrange and trim the clips in the timeline to combine your audios as you like, and export the video to get all the audios combined.

Combine music and videos adding several elements to the timeline to get all synchronized and mixed.

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How to combine multiple clips into one video

Combining multiple videos can be hard, specially when you want to overlay or compose a mosaic. Now, you can easily combine multiple videos, images, and music to the same video, and adjust them in the timeline to freely play simultaneously or concatenating their reproduction.

combine 2 videos online

1. Upload the videos

Upload one video on a time, or add it from the toolbox, to combine multiple videos. Move and resize the video element in the timeline to adjust its start and end.

2. Crop and resize

Crop, resize, and place the video to simultaneously show several videos or clips from the same video. Adjust it in the timeline to select the time start and end of each clip.

3. Export the video

Click the export button to combine all the media elements in the timeline. Continue working while the video is processed in the background.

Combine videos