Add music to video online no watermark

Add audio to video online without watermark

Add music

Add music to video

Upload a video (up to 30 minutes long) and click "add media" to select the CC0 stock audio file. Arrange and trim the music clip in the timeline to combine audio and video as you like. Mute the video to silence it, and only add the music to the video.

Upload a music file in the editor or select an audio from files to add the track. Then, move the element in the timeline, or use the edges to trim the audio, to synchronize the background music with your video audio track.

add music to videos
add audio to videos

Add audio to video online

Record your own voice over, add background music, and sound effects. Playing all the audios at the same time. Rearrange the audios in the timeline, adjust the start and duration (cut audio), or remove the sound from the original video to merge audio and video.

Combine multiple audio tracks (voice, sound effects, music...) and get all the audios mixed. Click "add media" and upload some audio files or select them from files. Then adjust the start and duration in the timeline to merge all the clips.

How to add music to videos without watermark

Add music, effects, and voice to one or multiple videos. With Abraia Studio you can easily combine the same audio with a batch of videos. Simply, add the music to one video, upload a batch of videos, and get all the videos edited in the same way.

add music to multiple videos

Upload your videos

Upload a batch of videos (up to 30 minutes long each) in the editor or select some previously uploaded ones from files. A carousel will be shown on the left with the videos which will be bulk processed. Simply, uncheck any video to remove it from the carousel.


Add the audio

The current selected video it is shown in the video editor. Add the audio files to the current selected video or select another one from the carousel to preview the result. Adjust the start and duration of the music and any other audio effects in the timeline. All the audios will be automatically merged with the original audio from the video if this is not muted.


Export the videos

Click "export" and choose the output video format (MP4 or MOV) to add the music to all the videos shown in the carousel. Turn off the bulk processing option to only process the current video, or use the bulk switch to process all the videos at once. The processing tasks will be show on the side panel. Download the videos directly form the tasks panel when they have finished.

Add music