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Add voice overs with automatic text to speech generation

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Add voice over to video

Record your own voice over or add an automatically generated one using text to speech. Simply, write the video script text and get the voice audio file. Use punctuation to easily modify the intonation of your speech, and hear your narrative come to life.

Use short voice clips to easily edit the audio in the timeline. Generate multiple audio files or use the cut tool to create multiple segments.

add voice over to video
text to speech mp3

Text to speech MP3

Simply convert text to voice and download the generated MP3 audio files. Go to the editor and click "add media" to write the text and generate the audio. Then, go to the gallery to download your text to speech audio file in MP3.

Build a video presentation from your slides. Add the image pages and use the text to speech feature to automatically generate the voice over.

How to use text to voice for your videos

Add voice overs on your videos can be intimidating, specially when your are trying to speech on another language. With Abraia you can easily create voice overs automatically converting text to speech. Simply, write your video script and use the text to voice feature to generate the audio.

use text to voice for videos
Save the text in a separate document to easily adjust it later, because once you have added a voice file to your project you will no be able to retrieve the text you used to change what it says.

Choose a voice to generate the speech audio

Click "add media" and go to "speech" to select the voice from the dropdown. Type some text, and click the "listen" button to generate the audio.


Adjust punctuation to get the perfect pronunciation

Use punctuation to make small impactful changes to your text to speech delivery:

  • Full stops. Add a moderate pause before the next sentence in the speech begins.
  • Commas. Add a short pause to your speech before the sentence continues.
  • Ellipsis. Ellipsis (aka ...) results in a prolonged pause, the longer you make, the longer your text to speech will be paused.
  • Question marks. Change the intonation on the last syllable of the sentence.
  • Exclamation marks or all caps. Unlikely to affect the pronunciation in your text to speech.

Save the audio and edit the video

Once you are happy, click "save" to add the voiceover to your project. You will see the audio file added to the editor. Then, use the timeline to position the audio in the video, change the volume, or use the split tool (cut media) to divide your audio files into segments (e.g. to add custom pauses).

Finally, click "export" to generate the video with your voice over narration.

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