Put pictures on videos

Add photos and images to your videos online

overlay image on video

Add a video

Upload or select a video to start editing. Adjust your video size choosing a preset or entering a custom canvas resolution. Pad or crop the video and change the background color.


Add an image

Upload an image or select a previously uploaded one from the images toolbox. Directly adjust the size and location of your picture over the video, modify the opacity or add some shadow.


Export the video

Change the start and duration of your overlay element in the timeline, or trim the video to precisely adjust the start and end. Click export to create the MP4 video with the picture on it.

Add pictures

Put photos on videos

Simply add photos to your videos. Adjust the overlay to make a picture in picture, overlap, or side by side presentation. Change the size, angle, and location directly on the canvas. Use the timeline to alternative show different pictures along the video, changing the start and end.

Combine photos, videos, and music with different compositions to share on your web or social media

put photo on video
put picture on video

Overlay images on video

Add and place your photos over the video. Directly crop and resize your images in place. Adjust the start, and duration of each image in the timeline, and control when they are shown along the video. Add some background music, or text, and preview the video composition on any moment.

Put pictures on your videos, add text and music, burn subtitles, and get your videos edited online.

Add text on videos

Overlay some text to communicate your message or shown as watermark. Burn subtitles in your videos to play muted on any device. Build video tutorials, step by step, combining photos, text, and music. Combine photos and videos to make instructive videos to share on your web or social media.

Easily combine images, videos, and text to make stunning video creations to share on your social media.

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How to put pictures on videos online

Creating videos with images can be hard on most video editors, specially when you need to crop images. With Abraia you can freely resize and place images and videos to make your creations.

add image to video online

1. Upload the video

Just upload a video file, or use the videos toolbox to select one from your gallery, or even to directly record your screen. Then, adjust the canvas size for your social media or start uploading a picture.

2. Add the images

Upload or select your pictures from the images toolbox. Go to the timeline and resize the image elements to adjust the duration, and rearrange then to customize the appearance order.

3. Finish the video

Pad or crop the images to fit the canvas, put your pictures and videos side by side, or even build collages of photos and videos. When you have finish, click export to directly create and download your video in MP4, WebM, or MOV.

Add pictures