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Add pictures to videos without watermark

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Put pictures on videos

Upload your video and add as many images as you like. Resize, crop, rotate, rearrange, and edit your photos on your videos. Use the interactive snapping lines to easily position the pictures into place, and use the timeline to change when images are shown along the video.

Personalize your videos with your own brand kit, adding your logo and brand colors, before sharing on your web or social media.

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add photos on videos

Add photos on videos

Add and place your pictures over a video without installing any software. You can edit your videos online, directly from your browser. Moreover, you can easily add text or captions, choose from several fonts, and customize the size, color, and style of your text.

Put pictures on your videos, add some background music or text, burn subtitles, and get your videos edited online.

How to add image to video online without watermark

Creating videos with images can be hard on most video editors, specially when you need to crop pictures. With Abraia Studio you can place and resize your photos and images directly over your videos. You can even create a slideshow video directly from your photos, showing an image after another.

You can easily create your marketing and social media videos adding images of your products and services. You can easily add a subscribe button on top of your YouTube video, or overlay your logo and get more brand awareness in a few minutes, and directly from your browser.

add image to video

Upload the video

Upload or select a video to start editing. Adjust your video size choosing a preset or entering a custom canvas resolution. Resize your video padding or cropping it and change the background color.


Overlay the image

Click "add media" and upload or click on a picture in the files tab. Adjust the size and location of your image over the video, modify the opacity, or edit the adjustments. The snapping lines helps you place and align your images and pictures on the canvas. Go to the timeline and use the element handlers to adjust when and how long your images appear on your video (start and duration). You do not need to pay any expensive app or subscription to achieve the expected result.


Export on cloud

Click "export" and select the MP4 output format to render the final version of the video with the picture on it. Once it is generated, you can download and share your video online.

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