Watermark multiple photos at once

Protect your content watermarking your photos online

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watermark images online

How to add watermarks to multiple photos at once

Preview your visual watermarks, crop and resize your images, and direcly export the web optimized version variants (JPEG, PNG, WebP) at once.

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Upload your photos

Upload or select as many images as you want and click "watermark" to start the visual editor, edit your pictures, and batch watermark all your selected photos at once.


Add your watermark

Overlay your visual watermark, logo, or add some text (copyright, author, url), adjust the size, and preview the result on any of your photos before start the bulk generation.


Generate and download

Click "generate" to start watermarking your pictures in a batch, and automatically get perfectly optimized versions ready to be directly used in your website.

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Watermark your pictures online

Protect your content with watermarks and claim your authorship with a copyright notice. Remove all the metadata you do not want others to see and claim your ownership in the EXIF header.

Batch watermark your photos and images online to directly share your branded pictures in your website or social media.

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create your own watermarks

Create your visual templates

Overlay your brand identy graphic, logo, or some text to create the watermark you need. Place it to your convenience and tune size, transparency, and colors from the visual editor.

Save and reuse your edits to brand and watermark your picture as many times as you wish, creating consistent visual content.

Bulk watermark images and photos

Upload or select a batch of images to generate your watermarked variants online. Use templates to consistently reproduce your watermarks and preserve your brand identity.

Bulk process your pictures and create several variants with their own size and format, to download an use directly in your website or social network.

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create consistent images for social media

Crop and resize images online

Resize and crop your photos to perfectly fit the aspect ratio and dimensions of your website, social network, blog, or email, where you are publishing and sharing your content.

Convert and optimize your images for web, rename the files, and automatically get the best optimized versions without complex settings or adjustments.

How to create consistent images for all your social media

Mantaining a visual consistency across all your social media channels is more important than ever. Using a consistent and uniform tone both in visual and voice through all your post and communications with your audience is of major importance to build brand recognition.

Five basic rules must be followed to give images your personal stamp, maintaining brand consistency and recognition.

  1. Use a consistent color palette to give your business an identity.
  2. Use the same two or three fonts at most.
  3. Use the same logo or brand watermarking.
  4. Use image filters to impart a similar look and feel to all your photos.
  5. Use text overlays to claim your images.

Thus to create images to post on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We just need to use or create a template, and configure our design to automatically generate images by bulk.

1. Create the design from a template

The easiest way to start is from a previous design. Download this instagram post template and upload it to your account. Then go to the editor tool and change the text message and the square color to customize the template.

customize template

2. Configure the social media channels

Customized the template we need to create the configuration for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We just need to select the social channel from the presets toolbox and save every perfectly size design.

resize facebook
save template

3. Create your multichannel images

Now, we can generate the variants to the selected images just clicking the generate button from the carrousel, and download all the variants created.

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