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Audio extractor from video files

Extract audio

Convert videos to MP3 files

Extract audio from multiple videos directly from your browser. Get the MP3 audio files from all your videos without installing any software. Support most of the video formats (MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, etc.).

Compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows devices, the online audio extractor also works on iPhone and Android devices.

convert videos to mp3 files
audio extractor from video

Audio extractor from video

Convert a batch of videos to easily get the audio extracted to multiple files. Simply select the MP3 output format to extract the audio from your videos in one click. Remember that videos with no audio will fail, simply ignore that output.

Create an additional variant muting the audio and selecting MP4 as output format, to also get the video without audio at the same time.

How to extract audio from videos online

Extract audio from videos can be a tedious task without the appropriate tools. Now, with Abraia Studio you can easily convert multiple videos to audio files at once. You will get the MP3 files from the videos which have audio in them. You can even trim the audio, change the volume, or add music and sound effects.

extract audio from multiple videos

Upload your videos

Enable the "bulk mode" and upload one or more videos (up to 30 minutes or 1GB each). Then, simply click "export" to select the MP3 output file format and get the audio extracted. This will apply to all the selected videos when "bulk" is enabled.


Select the MP3 output

To extract the audio from your editing or video files, just select the MP3 output. But you can also edit your audio and video, all in one place. You can cut and delete parts of your audio, change the volume, or add and rearrange audio clips, like background music and voice recordings. You can even loop music to create a completely new audio files.


Extract the audios

Click "export" to start extracting the MP3 audios from the videos at bulk. The tasks will be processed on parallel and shown on the right side panel. Videos with no audio will fail, simple ignore them. Once processed, download the audio files directly from the panel.

Extract audio