Make image transparent online

Remove the background of your images to make them transparent

Make transparent

Make background transparent

Remove a distracting background from an image and make it transparent. Automatically remove the object background using deep learning methods. Simply upload your photo and click "remove background" in the adjust toolbox to make it transparent.

Use your transparent picture in a more complex design, like a YouTube thumbnail, or click "export" to get save the image as a transparent PNG.

make background transparent
remove color background

Remove a color background

Make a color transparent, using the "remove color" tool. This tool works better for images with a solid background color, like when you have a non transparent logo. Simply upload your logo image and select the color using the eyedropper in the adjust toolbox.

Add your logo and make it transparent without abandon the online editor. Freely rescale, place, and adjust the opacity to create a finest overlay logo.

How to make a background transparent image online

There are multiple situations where you need to make an image transparent, like when you want to create a YouTube thumbnail overlaying your picture. Now, with Abraia, this can be easily performed directly from the web browser without installing any software.

remove image background

Upload your non transparent picture

Click "add media" to upload your photo and load it into the canvas. From the resize toolbox change the width or height value to resize the image, or unlink the values and introduce a new canvas size to modify the final image aspect ratio. You can even crop and scale the picture directly on the canvas using the mouse handlers.


Make the image background transparent

Select the picture and click "remove background" in the adjust toolbox to automatically make it transparent. Use the "remove color" tool to make transparent a solid background, as when we have a logo image. So you can pick the created object and overlay it on your photos and videos.


Export the photo as a transparent PNG

Click "export" and select PNG as output format to save your transparent creation. Or directly use the image as an overlay on your photo and video designs created with Abraia Studio.

Make transparent