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How to resize a video online with no watermark

As video content in the web is becoming ubiquitous, the use of handy tools for a quick editing of short clips is becoming a frequent need for many of us. If we look at the main fashion ecommerce sites, we'll find revealing examples of how customised video content has entered the mainstream.

Since professional videos are expensive to produce, a wise practice is recycling and repurposing, by adapting media content to different channels -social and ecommerce platforms- and situations.

For instance, we are going to take this vertical video, ready to post in Instagram Stories, and transform this video for being ready for other uses.

Video resized and cropped for Twitter
Video resized and cropped for Youtube

Usually, a key part of repurposing consists of tuning the aspect ratio of the video. A simple resize -combined with either cropping or padding- is usually enough to use the same content in our home page and in social networks. Resizing and cropping the video we can get a video version ready to be shared in Youtube or Twitter.

Or rather we may add a color background making some padding and add a message that relates to our campaign.

Video resized and padded for Twitter
Video resized and padded for Youtube

Fortunately, for most scenarios of video repurposing we don't need advanced skills or access to expensive software packages. A handful of video transformations -like resizing, padding, cropping or even adding text- are possible with high quality in a couple of clicks.

Here, we'll see how to resize a short video online using Abraia. It just require a moderm browser like Firefox, Chrome, or Safari, and it works even on your iPhone and Android device.

1. Upload the video to the editor tool

We upload our video to the resizer tool, which will show it as the padded square version for Instagram (without cut off our content).

upload video resize tool

2. Resize the video for your social media

We change the preset to Youtube or to any specific size of our choice, and we select between crop and pad mode.

choose preset social media
resize video pad crop

3. Change the color and add some text

We change the color background (color of the pads) and add some text message on our new video post.

add text on video

4. Create and download the video

Finally, we press the downlod button and wait while the video is created.

download share video

You can also automate these tasks taking advantage of the bulk tool, even adding a logo to a batch of videos at once.

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7 inspirational video quotes to share every day of the week

Social media is more visual than ever. But create stunning visual content is hard. One way to create beautiful visual content is repurposing stock photos and videos. Using templates and adding some text on images and videos is a quick way to create visual content. In this case, we have created 7 videos to post on Instagram, one for every day of the week.

Just click on one of the templates and start editing the video quotes, or replace the video background to personalize the design. Enjoy creating stunning videos to share on your social media with Abraia.

We have created these video quotes based on seven inpirational quotes selected for every day of the week. And selecting seven CC0 stock videos from Mixkit. Videos have been choosen for a consistent look and feel considering that Hindu tradition has one color for every day of the week.