Increase video volume online

Boost video volume to make it sound louder

Increase volume

Boost video volume online

Make the video volume louder without installing any software. Simply, adjust the volume level until you are satisfied with the result. Click "clean audio" to remove the background noise and boost the voices on your video.

Move the volume slider to the right to make the sound louder and download the MP4 with the volume boosted.

boost video volume
adjust video volume

Adjust video volume online

Increase or decrease the volume level of your video. Add background music and voice over, and adjust the sound level of every clip to produce a video with the right volume. You can even remove the audio from the video.

Adjust the audio on your video mixing and balancing multiple audio tracks (voice, sound effects, music...).

How to increase volume on video online

Sometimes the video volume is too low, so you may need to increase the volume. With Abraia Studio you do not need to install any software, and you can easily adjust the video volume, directly from your browser. You can even combine multiple audio tracks, adding background music, voice over, or audio effects.

increase volume on video

Upload and select the video

Click "add media" to upload your video (up to 30 minutes long or 1GB). When the video has been loaded, select the clip to change its volume level.


Increase the video volume

When you select an audio or video clip, the volume control will be shown on the right panel. Move the slider between 100-200% to make the video sounds louder, increasing the volume, or between 0-100% to decrease the sound level. Click on the speaker button to mute the video.

If you have several clips in your video, you can use the volume control to normalize the audio. Simply adjust the volume of every click to get a similar output level.


Download the adjusted video

Finally click "export" and choose the output video format (MP4 or MOV). Once processed, click "download" to get your video with the volume increased.

Increase volume