Mirror a video online

Flip videos from your desktop or mobile

Mirror video

Flip a video online

Mirror and edit videos without installing any software on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Simply upload and flip your video sideways or upside down directly from your web browser. Add some text or use the timeline to trim the video as you wish.

Abraia video editor lets your flip and edit a video like it was an image, simple, quick and from any device.

flip horizontal video
mirror horizontal video

Mirror a YouTube video

Flip videos vertically and horizontally for YouTube, or any other social media, in one click. Simply click "add media" and upload your file. Then, select the video to show the options to mirror the video left-right or up-down, directly from the adjust toolbox.

Create a mirror effect duplicating the video, adjusting the start in the timeline, and arranging then side by side.

How to flip or mirror videos on Chromebook, Windows, or Mac

Flipping or mirroring a video can be hard on most video editors. However, with Abraia Studio you can flip videos horizontally or vertically like they were images. Without installing any software, directly from your browser, and without quality loss.

mirror video on desktop

Upload the video to mirror

Click "add media" and upload the video your local drive (maximum 30 minutes long or 1GB). Once uploaded, the video will be loaded on the canvas and added to the timeline.


Mirror horizontal or vertical

Select the video clip and click the "flip horizontal" or "flip vertical" button on the adjust toolbox. If you want to create a mirror effect, you can use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to duplicate the video. Then, arrange the videos side by side on the canvas, and move the clip element in the timeline to make then appear at the same time.


Export your mirrored video

Finally, just click "export" to render the MP4 video on the cloud. So you can still work with your computer while the video is rendered. When the processing task has finished, simply click "download" to save or share your video.

Mirror video