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Smart Image and Video Optimization for Web

Automating your image and video transformations for web and social media

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Simplify your image and video optimization workflows

Maximize the use of your media assets and keep your brand consistent across multiple channels. Use one single master to feed multiple channels (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, etc) and marketplaces (e.g. Tmall, Zalando, Lamoda, etc).

Configure your channels and transformations and get thousands of image and video variants ready to publish and promote your products.

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Automate your image and video editing and branding tasks

Seamless automate your media editing tasks with templates. Crop, resize, pad, brand, watermark... and optimize all your images and videos for your ecommerce and marketing channels.

We simplify bulk editing and optimization workflows to deliver the best media assests for web and social media.

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Deliver perfectly optimized marketing and product videos

Take advantage of our per-title video encoding technology to embed responsive optimized videos in your ecommerce website. Optimize videos with MP4, WebM, and HLS, and get a mobile first experience with no effort.

Take advantage of HLS and our per-title encoding technology to serve videos optimized for any device and connection.

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Streamline multichannel optimization workflows for ecommerce

Quickly create templates for the relevant channels. Edit one example, set it as a template, and process all your images and videos with a single and consistent pipeline.

Choose the workflow that best fits your needs: web processing, watch folders, CLI batch processing, CMS integration, or a fully custom integration through our comprehensive API REST.

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abraia ecommerce worflows

Simple Pricing with No Subscription

No yearly subscriptions or hidden extra costs. You only pay what you need to optimize your images and videos with high quality.

approx.: 2,000 images
approx.: 40 videos
limited email support
approx.: 20,000 images
approx.: 400 videos
priority email support
approx.: 50,000 images
approx.: 1,000 videos
priority email support
Best Price
approx.: 90,000 images
approx.: 1,800 videos
priority email support

* 1000 credits = 1000 image or video processing seconds or 1GB of monthly managed storage or 1GB of monthly viewing bandwidth

Abraia pricing covers your end-to-end image and video related costs - image and video management, processing, transformation, effects and manipulation features, all managed storage and IO costs and all viewing bandwidth usage & requests costs while delivering assets through a CDN. You will enjoy all the same features with no monthly subscriptions: automatic optimization, bulk image and video transformations, video transcoding and adaptive streaming (HLS), a powerfull online console, and RESTful APIs and SDKs.

Optimize and publish your marketing and product videos

Simply publish your ecommerce marketing and product videos with the best quality. Configure your domain and analytics, personalize the video player, and take control of any aspect of your media experience.

Product and marketing videos at their best

Deliver the best quality of experience to each device and connection with HLS adaptive bitrate and per-title encoding technology tailored to fashion videos.

Publish your videos for an optimized responsive and mobile first experience with no effort.

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Fully customizable video experience

Enjoy a flexible configuration with VideoJS open source player, and full access to media resources. Customize your branding, player, domain, and CDN.

Localize your videos, managing subtitles and captions in different languages to reach different regions.

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Integrated in your Analytics

Take control of your data and track your video events directly in your analytics. Analyse media performance and strategy with your current tools.

Track video events in your Google Analytics and keep your media strategy improving with the right insights.

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Fast and efficient web video production for ecommerce

Repurposing and publishing videos on the web usually consists of common video transformations like resizing, trimming, watermarking, sound removal, or branding -overlaying logos, texts or any graphic content-. It commonly requires four steps:

  1. First, setting the aspect ratio, resizing the video with a new master resolution.
  2. Second, trimming the footage to choose the excerpt we want to feature in a prominent placement like the home or category overview pages.
  3. Third, editing the video specifically for these pages, which means overlaying graphics -logo, text- or even images.
  4. And usually, also removing the soundtrack since they are intented for autoplay which requires muted reproduction by browsers.

These simple tasks may reveal tricky with common tools and solutions. Especilly in ecommerce and marketing, where videos must be frequently repurposed to be published in different parts of the online store, used in marketplaces, or shared in social networks. This results in the following recomendations:

  • Keep video editing simple. While professional suites like AfterEffects, DaVinci, Premiere, or Photoshop are great tools for creating high quality graphics to overlay, for color grading or for creating transitions and visual effects in movies, they are not good for automating simple operations that are so frequent in web and ecommerce workflows. To deal with simple operations, use Abraia to automate essential video editing operations -trimming, resizing, watermarking, sound removal- with no distracting options and fuss.
  • Automate video operations. If you are reusing your product and marketing videos in different places, you are likely repeating a bunch of operations that are better done automatically. Automate batch video processing -transcoding, resizing, or repetitive branding- for a video marketing campaigns, and common video publishing transformations and optimizations. Again, automating and constraining the final stages of video production workflows will reinforce our branding consistency. We should bear in mind that unnecesary manual operations are prone to unpleasant surprises.
  • Repurpose video content consistently. In the likely case we have produced a high quality 2 min video for our stories pages, we should reuse it. Just by trimming and extracting 5s to 15s clips and removing the soundtrack, we can create with almost no effort dozens of product videos, background videos, and video teasers for our marketing pages and our social media.
  • Keep video branding consistent. If we want to build a brand, we should be consistent. A well defined set of consistent logos and campaign messages -colors, shapes, fonts- is essential. It is also a good practice to specify technically the types of content that we use. The aspect ratio or the target duration are examples of technical measures of a video with a b impact on aesthetics.
  • Automate multi channel videos creation. When we sell in marketplaces like Amazon, Tmall or Instagram shopping, we will need to repurpose our videos to meet the requirements -on aspect ratio, duration or content- of the platform. In most cases, producing videos that meet the requirements of a marketplace consists of resizing and cropping and readjusting the branding. This is something we can easily automate using Abraia.
  • Build background videos from campaign videos. They are commonplace in fashion ecommerce sites and usually consist of short -about 5s to 15s- muted clips with the styling and branding of the campaign, consumed with autoplay. This makes background videos a clear repurposing use case. They're frequently excerpts of the main editorial video footage. Moreover, background videos usually cover the full page width. For a responsive design, we'll need to use two aspect ratios, one for horizontal screens (desktop, tablet) and other for vertical screens (smartphones). So, whatever the original footage is, we'll do some kind of editing to extract variants that alters the content.
  • Create social media teaser videos. Each social network has one or more types of videos, intended for different types of use. Each of them features a fixed aspect ratio -and usually resolution- and a recommended duration. For instance, Instagram stories videos are limited to 15s long and should have full HD resolution in vertical orientation -that is 1080x1920 px-. When we have video content, which is expensive and lengthy to produce, we should take the most of it and sharing short teaser videos through social media. But, this requires a steady flow of ephemerous content that builds the desired brand image. In this context, efficiency, consistency, and effectiveness are essential.

A clean production workflow will prevent frequent problems that appear downstream -in the video delivery and video consumption stages- and usually damage the user experience and the image of our brand.

At Abraia we are experts in imaging, artificial intelligence, and visual perception. We advise fashion ecommerce leaders on their image and video optimization workflows, automating the complexity of generating perfectly fitted image and video versions for multiple devices and layouts based on advanced perceptual analysis, and best practices from fast fashion ecommerce industry.

If you need special support on how to best handle and optimize your images and videos, we offer consultancy services that cover all the media processing chain. We can advice on the best settings and tools from studio to web delivery. Just drop a line describing your business and we will come back to you.