Change video speed online no watermark

Increase or decrease video speed online

Change speed

Make videos faster or slower

Make your video play faster or slower without installing any software. Simply upload your video and use the speed controller to increase or decrease the speed of your video from 0.5x to 2x. Speed up your YouTube videos online.

Create a slow-motion or a timelapse effect from your original videos. Add a dramatic effect slowing the speed of your video, or speed up your video to show processes in a shorter time.

make videos faster or slower
speed up part of a video

Speed up or slow down parts of a video

Speed up or slow down parts of a video. Split the video into parts, select those clips, and change their speed.

Just move the time slider to your desired location, select the video in the timeline, and click on the "cutting tool" (scissors). Then, select the clip you want to speed up or slow down and change the speed. You could have some parts in slow-motion and some at high speed.

How to change the speed of a video online

Speed up or slow down videos online with Abraia Studio is quick and easy. For instance, you can directly change the speed of a video for YouTube without any effort. Moreover, you can adjust the speed of some parts of the video to create pacing and momentum.

slow down part of a video

Upload the video you want to edit

Click "add media" and upload your video from your local files or directly from the Pexels CC0 stock. You can even record your own screen and webcam directly from the app, without installing any software.


Speed up or slow down the video

Go to the speed control in the timeline and use the slider to change the speed. Move the slider from 0.5x to 1x for slowing down or from 1x to 2x for speeding up your video.

To change the speed of some parts of the video you must split the video into separated parts. Just move the time slider to the point when you want to introduce the change, select the clip and click the scissors to cut the video into parts.

When you speed up or slow down you video, the audio also change. Add a music track and lower the volume of the original audio to mask the sound.


Export the video with the speed changed

Click "export" and select the video output format to enqueue the task. Continue working or wait for the video file to render before download.

Change speed