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Crop your ecommerce and marketing videos for web and social media

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Upload your videos

Upload a batch of similar videos (same aspect ratio) and use the carrousel to select the current working video. Change between videos to preview the result of bulk processing.


Adjust the size

Set a custom size or select the social media preset, and choose between crop and pad modes to quickly adjust your videos to the canvas size and get perfectly resized videos.


Crop the videos

Export the videos at once and download your cropped and optimized MP4 files to directly publish on the web or share on the social media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc).

Crop videos online

Crop your horizontal and vertical videos to share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Cropping is the perfect way for repurposing videos, specially for landscape and background videos.

Adapt the aspect ratio of your videos to get a perfect fit size to directly publish on your media channels.

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overlay text on videos

Overlay text on videos

Add some text message to post on social media. Overlaying text on videos is an easy way of repurposing which improves your message creating an impactful video to share on the web.

Overlay your message and easily resize your videos to directly share or publish in your website.

Batch crop videos

Simply crop multiple videos at once and create several video variants with different sizes and aspect ratios, to share on every channel (e.g. Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc).

Use our visual editor to build a recognizable and consistent brand identity editing your videos at batches.

bulk process videos

How to crop videos online for your web and social media

Change the aspect ratio and size of several videos at once with batch cropping. Now, you can easily crop multiple videos just editing one of them from our online visual editor. This makes easy the tedious task of repurposing videos for multiple channels, from web to social media.

batch crop videos

1. Upload the videos

Start uploading the videos we intent to use. This will load the first video in the editor and show the uploaded videos in the carrousel. Simply start editing the selected video or click on the carrousel to change to a different video.

2. Crop a video

Select a preset or introduce a custom size and click "crop" to crop the selected video. Move the video to adjust the content area, or use the handlers to scale and crop the video on the canvas adding some border, or to create a collage.

3. Export the videos

Finally, click "export" and select the video format to bulk process all the videos in the carrousel. Turn off the "bulk process" option to only export the current video or to create a video thumbnail.

All the videos will be enqueued and processed on the background, while you continue working. So, you can change the size or add a logo or some text to create another variant while videos are been processed.

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