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Crop your ecommerce and marketing videos for web and social media

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crop video online

How to crop a video online for your social media


Upload your video

Upload the video (up to 10 minutes) from your mobile phone or computer device without installing any software.


Adjust the size

Select the social media preset and choose between crop and pad modes to get a preview of your perfectly resized video.


Create the video crop

Download your cropped and optimized MP4 video or directly share it on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, from your phone.

Crop your social video

Cropping is the perfect way to repurposing horizontal or vertical videos to share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This works particularly well for landscape and background videos.

Adapt the aspect ratio of your videos to get a perfect fit size to directly publish on your media channels.

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abraia add text

Overlay text on video

Adding some text message to cropped videos is a great way to repurpose videos to post on social media. This is an easy way to improve your message with an impactful video background.

Overlay your message and create a video with no watermarking to share or publish in your blog.

Automate video cropping tasks

Automating your cropping operations you can quickly create video variants with different sizes and aspect ratios, to share on every channel (e.g. Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc).

Use the Abraia console to crop a batch of videos at once, and create templates to build a recognizable and consistent brand identity.

abraia automate crop

How to make a photo and video collage online

While videos excel conveying an action or the dynamism of a product, images help to bring clarity and focus. This makes photo and video collages very useful in many different situations. From ecommerce home and grid pages to memes in social networks. Combining images and video into a collage can boost the clarity and appeal of our content.

make photo and video collage

Without installing any software, you can quickly create high quality photo and video collages with Abraia.

1. Upload the video

Start uploading the video we intent to use. Select the Instagram preset to set a square collage size, and choose between the pad and crop options to quickly resize the video. Finally, place the video over the canvas, leaving free space for the images.

2. Compose the collage

Upload the images that we want to use on the collage, and resize and crop your images using the handlers, corners to scale the image keeping the aspect ratio, and middles to crop some parts of the image. Finally, adjust the position of the images in the collage.

3. Finish video editing

Once we have the collage in place we can finish it with some additional edits. Overlay a text or a logo, remove the background of some images, or even trim the video by moving the yellow bars in the timeline.

4. Export and share

Once our photo and video collage is ready, we only need to click the export button to get the video collage ready to share on any website or social media.

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