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Simply convert your SVG vector files to PNG, JPEG, or WebP raster images

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How to convert SVGs to PNG or JPEG images

Convert, resize, and edit your SVGs online and get the PNG and JPEG images for web and social media.

howto bulk convert svgs

Upload your SVG

Upload your SVG image from your mobile or computer device without installing any software.


Resize the image

Choose the image size and select a color background if you want to export the SVG to JPEG.


Download the PNG

Download your SVG converted to PNG, JPEG, or WebP with the selected size and background online.

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Convert SVG images to PNG, JPEG, or WebP

Easily convert your SVG images, preserving the transparent background downloading the image as PNG or WebP. Or configure a simple color background or a photo and export it as JPEG or WebP.

Adapt the canvas size, resize the SVG, and download your new raster image as PNG, JPEG, or WebP.

abraia svg to png converter
abraia resize edit images online

Resize and edit your images online

Resize your images to the right size selecting a social media preset. Add some text or branding on your photos and enhance your message. Use a template to simplify compositions and create stunning visuals.

Create feature images and visual quotes. Just select an Unsplash image, add some text, and download your new visual header.

Bulk resize images from the command line

No more complex ImageMagick parametrizations. Simple convert and resize your master images from the command line and get perfectly optimized images for web and mobile apps.

Use Abraia CLI to simply get the job done processing your local images from Windows, MacOS, or Linux.

batch resize command

How to convert and resize images for web from the command line

The Abraia CLI tool provides a simple way to bulk convert and optimize your images and photos for web. Enabling the conversion from different input formats to get images in the right formats to be used in the web - JPEG, WebP, or PNG -. Moreover, it supports a number of transformations that can be applied to image batches. So you can easily convert your images to be directly published on the web.

With the Abraia CLI tool you can easily optimize images and photos by batches. For instance, you can easily compress a folder of images with a simple command:

abraia optimize images

Where images is the folder path to be optimized. -By default it always creates a folder copy with the image results.-

Abraia CLI tool installation

Abraia CLI is a multiplatform tool (Windows, Mac, Linux) based on Python (Python 2.6.5 or higher), that can be be installed with a simple command:

python -m pip install -U abraia

If you are on Windows install Python first, otherwise open a terminal or command line and write the previous command to install or upgrade the Abraia CLI.

The first time you run Abraia CLI you need to configure your API key, just write the command bellow and paste your API key.

$ abraia configure

Now, you are ready to convert your images from the command line.

Convert SVG to PNG

Converting a SVG image to PNG, now is so simple as to type the command bellow:

abraia convert bat.svg bat.png
bat svg
bat png

The SVG vector image is rendered in a Chrome instance to provide maximum fidelity, and preserving the transparent background.

Convert image to WebP

The JPEG image format is still the most common format to publish photos on the web. However, converting images to WebP provides a significant improvement for web publishing. To convert an image to WebP just write a simple command like bellow:

abraia convert garlic.jpg garlic.webp
garlic jpeg
garlic webp

The same can be used to convert a GIF animation to WebP and save several bytes.

abraia convert bob-sponge.gif bob-sponge.webp
bob sponge gif
bob sponge webp

Convert PSD to JPG

A .PSD file is a layered image file used in Adobe PhotoShop for saving data. You can easily convert then, and get the result of flattening all the visible layers with a command like bellow:

abraia convert strawberry.psd strawberry.jpg

The previous command just convert a PSD file to JPEG, automatically adding a white background, in this case, because the JPEG format does not support transparency. Instead, using the PNG format you can preserve the transparent background.

abraia convert strawberry.psd strawberry.png
white background strawberry
transparent strawberry

Resize and compress images for web

To resize your images just specify the target width or height. For example, get a set of images with a fixed width of 300px preserving the aspect ratio of each image:

abraia optimize --width 300 [path] [dest]

To automatically crop all your images contained in a folder using our smart cropping technology, you just need to specify both width and height of the output image.

abraia optimize --width 300 --height 300 [path] [dest]
beauty casual resized
beauty casual smart cropped

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