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Convert iPhone videos

Upload your videos (up to 30 minutes long or 1GB) from your MAC or iPhone and convert then to MP4, the most compatible video file format - YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, etc -. Share your videos everywhere converting them to MP4 H264 encoded.

Convert the MOV default video format on Apple devices to high-quality MP4 video versions ready to share anywhere.

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convert hdr to sdr online

Convert HDR to SDR

Convert your videos from iPhone HDR to an universal supported MP4 format, without losing quality. Preserve the colors when you convert your videos to a standard color space (SDR-Rec709) from your phone or PC, without installing any software, directly from your browser.

Automatically convert your HDR videos to SDR, and make they look closest in every device and social media channel.

How to convert iPhone video to MP4 online

A lot of people use iPhones to record videos. The default MOV video format (H265 encoded) and the HDR color space are not compatible with lots of devices. To fix this problem you must convert your iPhone videos to an universally supported MP4 video.

For instance, HDR (High Dynamic Range) provides better image quality, colors, and clarity than SDR (Standard Dynamic Range). It is perfect for videos that require high contrast, shadows, and mixed light. However, when they are shown on most devices (not compatible with HDR) they look washed out. So, you need to convert it to SDR without compromising on the quality.

Now, with Abraia Studio you can easily convert your iPhone videos at batches. You will get a MP4 version ready to share on the social media and web, without losing quality.

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Upload the videos

Create a new folder and upload a batch of video files. Then, select one of the videos and click "export" to automatically convert your videos in bulk.


Choose MP4 format

Choose MP4 as output format and adjust the maximum size if you want also resize the video. You can even add additional variants, and get lower resolutions or muted versions at once.

If the video has been recorded in HDR10, it will be automatically converted to SDR and tone mapped to avoid the video appears too bright and washed out, preserving the colors.


Convert iPhone videos

Click "export" to convert the selected videos, and get all the configured variants at the same time. The tasks panel will show the processing status of each video. Once finished, videos will be ready to directly download and share online.

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