Rotate video online without watermark

Change video orientation online from your desktop or mobile

Rotate video

Change video orientation

Easily rotate videos online from all angles. Simply upload your video and adjust the orientation angle using the mouse control handler. Change the canvas size to resize the video, add some background music, and use the timeline to change the start and end of some elements.

The online video rotator lets you flip and change the orientation of a video without installing any software.

change video orientation
flip video online

Flip or mirror videos online

Flip or mirror videos vertically and horizontally without installing any software. Select the clip and use the context menu to flip your video. You can even duplicate your video and create a mirror effect arranging then side by side and adjusting the start in the timeline.

Flipping your media in our online video editor is simple and fast and enables editing your videos online.

How to rotate a video online from desktop or mobile

Rotating and flipping videos can be hard on most video editors. However, with Abraia you can easily rotate and mirror videos like they were images. Use Abraia to freely change the orientation of your videos online.

rotating video online

Upload the video to rotate

Click "add media" and upload the video from your local storage or directly from YouTube. Simply paste the share link and click upload to edit a YouTube video (maximum 30 minutes long). The video will be added to the timeline.


Change the orientation and size

Select the clip and use the rotation handler to change the video orientation angle. Then adjust the canvas size in the right toolbox to change the output video resolution, and scale the video on the canvas to finish the editing. Select the clip and use the contextual menu on the canvas to flip the video.


Export your rotated video

Once you have rotated and adjusted the video size, simply click "export" to render the MP4 video. Continue editing another video or wait until the processing task has finished. Then click "download" to save or share your video on the web and social media.

Rotate video