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Your YouTube thumbnail is the first thing your audience sees before watching your video. Abraia lets you create stunning video covers in a couple of minutes. Just take an snapshot from your video or add a picture and remove the background, type your headline text, and customize the style and font of your thumbnail design.

Use transparent pictures in yur YouTube thumbnails automatically removing the background.

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Create stunning thumbnails

Design eye-catching YouTube thumbnails that boosts your business. Make sure your thumbnail is relevant to the video content and make the overall message clear and easy to read. Use engaging high-quality photos and include a text headline that supports the image, giving some context, and catching the attention of your audience.

Use few words (3 or 4 words) and clear imagery with no overdo of design elements.

How to make a YouTube video thumbnail online

A catchy thumbnail is the most effective way to get more clicks and engagement for your videos. With Abraia Studio you can easily edit your videos and create custom video covers at the same time. Moreover, it simplifies how to sustain a visual style through a channel, ensuring brand consistency.

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Select the thumbnail resolution

Click on the YouTube size preset to choose the right thumbnail resolution (1280x720 pixels). Then select a background color, or click "add media" to load and image or video to use as background. If you select a video, you must convert a video frame into an image using the snapshot tool.


Overlay a transparent image

Upload a transparent image or use the remove background tool. Freely position, scale, and rotate images and shapes, and experiment with layout rearranging elements. Then, add your text headline, modify the font, color, border, and shadow adjusting the style to suit your branding.


Export the thumbnail PNG

Once you are happy with your video thumbnail design, click "export" and select PNG as output format to save it with the best quality. Then, download and save it to your desktop or mobile device and add it to your channel.

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