Create split screen videos online

Put two videos side by side to showcase your product

Split screen

Put two videos side by side

Split the screen in half, thirds, or even quarters. Simply arrange your videos scaling, resizing, and cropping them directly on the canvas. Adjust the duration of all your elements in the timeline and add some background music to finish the video. Showcase the differences between products or show improvements creating split screen videos.

The easiest way to make split screen videos for YouTube, combining photos, videos, and music.

put two videos side by side
side by side video maker

Side by side video maker

Make split screen videos from your desktop or mobile phone without installing any software. Combine two videos into one directly from your browser, no matter if you are using Mac, Windows, or even a Chromebook. The video will be rendered in the cloud, without requiring any expensive device.

Combine multiple videos in one screen without limits forced by using predefined templates.

How to make split screen videos online

Making a split screen video can be hard with most of video editors. However, with the Abraia video editor you can easily create videos combining multiple clips in the same screen. So, if you need to create comparison videos for products or games, use Abraia Studio to get it done in just a couple of minutes.

make split screen video

Upload the videos to put together

Just upload each video or import them directly from YouTube. Each clip will be added to the timeline one after the other. Select the second clip in the timeline and move the element to the left until both clips have the same start. Now, the clips are synchronized, but the video on top is hidden the other in the canvas.


Create the split screen effect

Select the video on top and use the left (or right) control handler to crop the video up to the middle of the screen. So the canvas will show a half of the top video and another of the bottom one, creating the split screen video effect. Then, add a vertical line in the middle of the screen to enfatize the comparison screen cut.


Render and download the video

Finish the video adding some text to identify each clip in the comparison. Customize the font and style and add some border or shadow to improve the text contrast over the video. Then, click "export" to make the split screen video, and download the MP4 file to directly publish on your web, or share on the social media.

Split screen