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Add subtitles

Add captions to videos

Add subtitles to your stories and marketing videos to facilitate engagement with your content. Burning captions and subtitles on videos help with focus and user experience, improving brand recall and awareness, and reinforces the message of your video marketing campaign.

Reuse the subtitles automatically created as relevant video descriptions to boost your SEO.

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edit subtitles on video

Video captions generator

Generate and burn subtitles for your short videos online. Easily add subtitles to your marketing videos and edit the text style and location to customize the visual appearance of your video captions on the social media.

Provide subtitles to deliver videos with no sound which can be consumed without loss of information.

How to add subtitles to a video online without watermark

Providing subtitles is a great way to get your message across the media and improve SEO. Moreover, it provides content understanding for who are deaf of hard-of-hearing.

However, subtitles creation can be a cumbersome task, even for a few minutes video. So, with AI technology we can automate subtitles generation to make adding captions a piece of cake. All of it directly from your desktop browser or mobile phone, without installing any software.

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Upload your video and add subtitles

Go to the Abraia editor and upload your video (up to 30 minutes long or 1GB) or directly record your video online. Then, open the subtitles toolbox and click "auto subtitle" to automatically add captions to your video, upload your own SRT subtile file, or manually input subtitles yourself.


Edit and customize the subtitles

Revise and edit the generated subtitles at the right-side panel. Check for spelling, make sure each word was captured correctly, and fix grouping some words in different sentences. Adjust the timing at which each sentence is expected to appear from the toolbox or directly from the timeline.

Make the final edits, moving the position and changing the style of your subtitles, directly from the visual editor. Select one caption and change the font, size, and text color of your subtitles in the toolbox, or even add a drop shadow or have subtitles outlined.


Download and burn the subtitles

Download a standard SRT file with the subtitles to caption your YouTube videos, or click "export" to directly burn the subtitles on your video online, from your computer or mobile phone.

Add subtitles