Convert audio to text online

Transcribe audio to text from multiple files at once

Transcribe audio
convert audio to text

Audio to text converter

Automatically transcribe your audio and video files to extract the text online. Simple upload your audios (recordings, songs, interviews...), select the TXT output, and get the text extracted from every selected file on the gallery.

Abraia supports from MP3 and WAV to almost every audio format. It also identifies the speech language automatically.

audio to text online
transcribe audio to text

Transcribe audio to text

Convert videos to text online. Select the videos from the gallery and get the transcription text at bulk. You can upload any popular video format (MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, etc). Remember that videos with no identifiable speech will fail, so ignore that output.

With the automatic audio transcription from multiple languages, you can even get all your text translated to the same language.

How to convert audio to text online from multiple files

Manually transcribing audio is an arduous task which can take hours. This has made extremely popular using AI technology for converting audio to text. Now, with Abraia you can automatically transcribe multiple audio and video files at once. Just upload your files and get the text of the speech transcription at bulk.

convert audio to text online

Upload your audios

Create a new folder (to organize your work) and upload your video and audio files (up to 30 minutes or 750MB each) or select them from the gallery. Then click "export" to open the dialog box and configure the transcription task.


Select the text output

Simply choose the output TXT, VTT, or SRT to auto transcribe the selected files. Then, select an output language if you want to automatically translate the transcribed text or subtitles. You can even generate versions on several languages, at the same time, adding additional variants.


Transcribe the audios

Click "export" to start the bulk transcription. The language will be automatically identified for every video or audio file. Text files will be ready to download when transcription has finished. -Tasks with no identifiable speech will fail, simply ignore them.-

Transcribe audio