Remove background noise audio online

Automatically clean audio from all background noise

Clean audio

Clean audio from video online

Ensure your audio is clean and easy to understand for your learners. Remove the background audio noise (e.g. traffic, breathing, weather, white fan noise) directly from your videos with one click. Simply upload your video file and get the background noise removed automatically without installing any software.

Clean up the audio and add some background music to create professional quality videos directly from your browser.

clean audio from video
background noise removal

Background noise removal online

Remove all the undesired background noise in your videos and audios. Directly from your web browser, from your computer or mobile device. Select the video or audio track and "clean audio" to make the background noise disappear automatically. Download your MP3 audio file or render your MP4 video.

You can even remove background noise from audio files. Simply select the audio track and click "clean audio".

How to remove background noises from audio and video online

If you have recorded video or audio, you are probably familiar with the background noise problem. Unwanted sounds like breathing, traffic noise, or other ambient sounds appear frequently on recordings. Now, with Abraia you can easily reduce audio noise from your desktop or mobile phone without installing any software. This will ensure that your videos and audios are clear to all your viewers and listeners.

remove background noises

Upload your video or audio file

Upload your video (e.g. MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV) or audio (e.g. MP3, WAV) file, or use a YouTube URL. This will add the clip to the timeline and convert the video to show on the browser.


Remove the audio background noise

Select the video or audio track and click "clean audio" to automatically remove the background noise. This will add a new audio clip to the timeline when the selected source is a video. Then, just mut the video (or reduce the volume to preserve some ambient noise) to create the cleaned version.

After removing all background noise, you can directly add some background music. Simply click "add media" and upload the music track you like to add. You can also mix sound effects and voiceovers placing audios one over the other on the timeline.


Export the video with no audio noise

Click "export" and select the output format to render the video in seconds. This will be shown on the tasks panel. Once processed you can download the video with the audio track clean, without distracting noises.

Clean audio