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Record your desktop screen cast videos directly from your browser

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How to record your computer screen online

Create short screen videos ready for sharing on web and social media.

record screen online

Record screen

Click on the record screen button, choose sharing entire screen, application or browser tab and start recording your actions.


Edit the recording

Adjust the start and end of your screen cast, crop out all the unnecessary parts of the screen and choose the final size.


Export and share

Finish your editing overlayin an logo or a text, and click on export to download or share your desktop screen cast video.

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Record desktop screen

Record your desktop screen online just using your browser, without downloading any app, plugin, or extension. Revise, edit, and export your walkthrough video from the same place.

Trim your screen recording and crop out irrelevant areas to show just the actions that matter. Overlay a logo and add text with your brand name, a title or a message.

record screen
add annotations to video

Annotate screenshots

Annotate your screen recordings. Encircle important graphics, buttons or concepts and use arrows to relate a text annotation with the right element in the scene.

Annotations draw attention to important elements in a tutorial video. Highlight the ideas and areas that matter and make your content easier to understand.

Capture text from images

Capture text from screenshots, images, and videos. Save typing and get the text directly from any image or video from the internet capturing a simple screenshot.

Copy and paste any screenshot to extract the text present in it. Click the capture text button and get the recognized text into the clipboard to paste it somewhere.

capture text from images

How to make a video tutorial efficiently

Short video tutorials are great to showcase a product, a method, or an app. Here we show how to record the screen and make the edits to create effective video tutorials with very little effort.

how to make video tutorial

For a tutorial to be effective, we would rather keep it short and clear. We must focus on specific operations. Most times, it is better to make one tutorial for each feature or idea that we want to showcase.

Instead of using an application to record the screen and one another to edit the recording, the most convenient approach is to use a solution that integrates both. An example is Abraia console that leverages the capability of your browser to record the screen and to access a powerful video editing API without the need of any software download.

1. Record the screen

The steps are simple. Once in the Abraia console, we click the record screen button. We perform all the actions we intend to show at work. Once we are done, we click stop. The recording will appear right in the editor of the Abraia console.

2. Edit the video

Now, we can trim the video capture so that it starts and ends exactly where we wish. As well, we can set the video size by entering a custom value or simply choosing a preset -Instagram square, Story, or other-, and pad or crop out part of the video. In this case we may move the video over the canvas to keep visible the part we want to show.

3. Export and share

Once done with editing, we are ready to click on the export and share button. You may simply download the video to your computer and share it elsewhere or rather you may share it directly to a social network app from your phone or tablet.

4. Create video templates

When doing tutorials for a brand, it is good to keep the branding consistent. The texts, the fonts, the colors. Once you have crafted your final design for a tutorial, you may save it in the Abraia console. Afterwards you can reuse it easily by clicking on the template and changing the video or tweaking the size settings or even the texts.

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