Annotate screen recording online

Record and annotate your video desktop directly from the browser

Annotate video
annotate screen recording

Annotate video online

Record and annotate your screen without installing any software, directly from your browser. Just choose sharing the screen and click the stop recording button to finish the capture. Then, edit your desktop video adding free hand annotations, text, arrows, and shapes.

Directly write, draw, add shapes and arrows on your recordings or YouTube videos, and adjust its start and duration.

annotate video online
make training videos

Make training videos

Create how-to video tutorials and product demonstrations annotating your screen recordings. Encircle important graphics, buttons or concepts, and use arrows and text to guide your viewers through every step or your product or service. Overlay your webcam recording and images.

Edit your training video, add voice commentaries, background music, or include subtitles to communicate your message.

How to annotate your video screen recording online

Annotating a video, adding pointers and props to make it more understandable and interactive, you can easily assists and guide your viewers towards and educational explanation. So, recording your screen and editing it to create a short video tutorial is great to showcase your product or service.

annotate video screen recording

Record your screen

Upload a video or record the screen from the "add media" dialog, selecting the right recording option directly from your browser. Once you are done, click "stop recording" to automatically start annotating the video.


Annotate the recording

We can start trimming the video capture to adjust the start and end exactly where we wish. As well, we can crop all the unnecessary parts of the screen and resize the video to make it ready to share on any social media.

Then, click "draw shape" on the toolbar to start annotating the video drawing an arrow. Use the timeline handlers to make your annotations appear and disappear selecting the right start and end times. You can also click "add text" to write your annotations, and change the size and color of your annotations to give your videos a personal feel.


Export your video

Finally, click "export" and select the format to process the video. When the video is ready, click "download" to save the annotated video to your computer, ready to share on the web or social media.

Annotate video