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Auto remove silence

Cut silences from your videos automatically. Split and rearrange audio clips online. Simply upload your audio or video files, use the split tool, and delete the parts you do not want. It works online, with all popular audio file types, such as MP3, WAV, M4A, and more.

Use the subtitles tool to automatically get the timestamps with no speech, then cut and remove the unwanted silences.

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Video silence remover

Rearrange and combine multiple audio an video files, cut the silences, and save them as one single audio (MP3) or video (MP4) file. Just use the cut tool to split and remove discarded parts, and drag and drop the clips to be next to each other.

Easily remove and rearrange your video and audio files removing silences and unwanted parts with the intuitive timeline.

How to remove silence from video online

Cut, merge, and rearrange audio and video clips with Abraia Studio. You can easily remove unnecessary sections and combine the remaining parts together. With just a few clips, you can effortlessly edit instructional and training videos with voice and subtitles.

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Upload your media files

Upload your video or audio files to start editing. The audio and video files will be added to the timeline. Simply drag and drop the clips in the timeline to rearrange them. You can also record your voice directly from Abraia Studio, using the online webcam and audio recorder, or even automatically convert text to speech.


Cut and remove silences

Simply the video in the timeline, move the slider to anywhere on the timeline, and click the "cut media" button. You can split your audio file as many times as needed. Then select the clips you do not need and hit "delete" to remove such parts. Rearrange your clips on the timeline and adjust its volume to create a remixed version. new mixed audio.


Save and export video

Click "export" to render your video with the silences removed. The process will be shown in the right side tasks panel. Once processed you will be able to download the MP4 file directly from the tasks panel.

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