Convert MOV to MP4 in bulk

Batch convert your videos to MP4 online

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Convert MOV to MP4 online

Upload your videos (up to 30 minutes long or 600MB) in virtually any format -from Apple ProRes to H264 Hi444-, and get MP4, WEBM, and HEVC derivatives with an optimum compression for web in a single step, and ready to share on your website.

Convert your digital masters to deliverable versions ready for web. Just select a batch of videos in a gallery folder and click "export" to configure the variants to be created. You can directly export several resolutions and video web formats.

convert videos for web
batch convert videos

Convert videos for web

Convert your videos to an optimized format for web (MP4, WEBM, or even MOV for your MAC users), without losing quality. Boost your visual content delivering the best quality of experience, visual quality at the minimum file size.

Configure as many derivatives and different resolutions as needed. You can directly export several resolutions and even change the aspect ratio -padding and cropping-. Bulk convert your videos (up to 30 minutes) for web online.

How to batch convert mov to mp4 videos online

Now, with Abraia, you can easily batch convert multiple videos for web, and even generate several variants at once. Just configure your variants, choosing formats and resolutions, and get your videos ready for web, reducing the file size without losing quality.

batch convert mov to mp4

Upload multiple videos

Create a new folder and upload a batch of videos to the gallery. Select the videos and click "export" to automatically convert your videos in bulk.


Choose the format

Choose the output web format (MP4, WEBM, MOV) and adjust the maximum size. Choose MP4 for universal support, WEBM for Chrome and Android, and MOV for iPhone and MAC. Add additional variants to get multiple version of the same video. For instance, add a variant with a lower resolution to reduce the bandwidth without affecting the quality for mobile devices.


Batch convert videos

Click "export" to convert the selected videos to all the configured variants at the same time. The tasks panel will show the processing status of each video. Once finished, videos will be ready to directly download and publish in your website.

Convert videos